The Cashier worked at a ferry terminal in Liverpool where Tyrone Dobbs bought tickets for a sailing away from the UK after abducting his daughter Ruby Soames in February 2013.

He had been driven to such lengths when his violet and abusive girlfriend Kirsty Soames had manipulated the situation to her benefit by getting him arrested on a charge of assaulting her and was denying him full access to their child. Tyrone fled with Ruby, Fiz Stape and her daughter Hope but the police were alerted and a watch was put on the ports and airports. Tyrone wore a hoody at the ticker desk and showed his nervousness when the cashier asked for ID as the police patrolled the area behind him. He was relieved when he was quoted £264 for the four tickets and paid in cash but as they queued for the boat they had to abandon their plan when they saw the police searching each of the waiting cars for passengers answering their description.