Occupation Bank teller
First appearance 21st January 2011
Last appearance 24th January 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Donna Berlin

The unnamed Cashier was an employee at Denaro Nationwide Bank and served Eileen Grimshaw when she paid in a stolen cheque for £10,000 in January 2011.

After building work at Underworld was completed, Carla Connor called into the Builder's Yard to pay the money to Owen Armstrong and with employee Eileen assuring Carla that she would use the firm's stamp on the payee section of the cheque, Eileen, worried about how she would pay for remedial work which needed to be carried out at her own house, made the cheque payable to herself instead once Carla had left.

A few days later, Eileen's conscience got the better of her and she returned to the bank in order to transfer the money into Owen's account. However, the cashier explained that she would have to wait for the money to clear. Owen had found out about the missing money and threatened Eileen with the police, although his demeanour mellowed after she and half-sister Julie Carp had found documents at the Builder's Yard which proved he was defrauding the tax man. However, once the funds had become available, Eileen paid her employer back in full and Owen reluctantly agreed to a truce.

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