Cathy Ainsworth was a patient at Weatherfield General at the same time as Sally Webster when she broke her ankle in an accident at High Edge Raceway in 1989.

Cathy had the bed next to Sally and, making friends with the young woman, joined in with the banter when family and friends visited her. When Kevin Webster brought Sally a black lace dress instead of a nightie as she'd asked, Cathy thought he'd done the right thing by bringing her something glamorous but stipulated that her fella would have a heart attack if he ever came visiting. Later, she had tea and chocolate cake with Sally, Kevin, Curly Watts and Jenny Bradley, and drew Staff Nurse Newton into the conversation by offering her one of the last two cakes.

Cathy was still interred when Sally was discharged a few days later. Noting Sally's discomfort with using crutches, Cathy pointed out that she could look forward to putting her feet up while Kevin did all the housework.