Celia Hetherington was a customer at Wilde & Fraser jewellers on Victoria Parade at the same time that Kirk Sutherland went shopping for an engagement ring for Fiz Brown in the hope that this would make her accept his proposal in preference to that offered by his rival, Tyrone Dobbs.

Jeweller Sharon Jones was in the middle of speaking to Kirk and showing a case of diamond rings when Mrs Hetherington interrupted, making enquiries about a bracelet. As Kirk was left unattended with the tray and realising that his salary came nowhere near to covering the price of any of the items on display, he was able to steal the item of his choice and leave the premises while the jeweller concentrated her attention on Mrs Hetherington. Explaining that it was a present from her husband and she was looking for something a little different, Ms Jones told her customer that some beautiful bracelets had just arrived in store - platinum with a diamond insert, and she was still unaware that an expensive ring had been stolen at this point.