Charles Follette
Residence Charleville
First appearance 12th November 1973
Last appearance 14th November 1973
Number of appearances 2
Played by George Lambert

Charles Follette was a Frenchman who came over to Weatherfield on an exchange visit with its twin town Charleville in November 1973. Marcel was given lodgings for the night with Ernest and Emily Bishop at 3 Coronation Street. The Bishops were very attentive hosts however the atmosphere was awkward due to Ernie and Emily making a drama out of translating for Charles; when Ernie's French proved to be better than Emily's, Emily accused Ernie of looking smug whenever Charles looked to him for a translation, and Emily fully enjoyed the moment when Ernie showed Charles photographs of Studley Pike due to a connection with Napoleon, which Emily pointed out was erected to commemorate his final defeat.

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