Occupation Waiter
First appearance 20th December 1971
Last appearance 29th December 1971
Number of appearances 4
Played by George Malpas

Charlie was an elderly waiter who worked for Kitty Stonely at the Robin Hood pub. Annie Walker met Kitty and Nellie Harvey there for a pre-Christmas get-together of the three "friends" in December 1971. Before she arrived, Kitty and Nellie made a pact not to tell Annie about the Boxing Day ball they were arranging to be held at the Windermere Rooms in aid of the RNLI but Charlie, who used to play bowls with Jack Walker innocently gave the game away. He also served Annie when she turned up a few days later to tell Kitty and Nellie that, with regret, she couldn't attend the ball as she had to man the Rovers that night.

At the ball itself, Charlie helped Kitty greet the guests and among them was Annie, dressed to the nines, as she had managed to "persuade" Bet Lynch to look after the pub. He also sat with Annie during the night as she chatted to fellow-organisers Mr and Mrs Thornley.

List of appearancesEdit


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