Checkout Girl (Episode 7069)
Checkout Girl
Occupation Price Co employee
First appearance 4th May 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joanne Dakin

The unnamed Checkout Girl worked in Price Co, the cash and carry where Eddie Windass stocked up on alcohol in May 2009, assuming the identity of "Roy Cropper".

As the proprietor of the café, Roy had entrusted Eddie's wife Anna to visit the cash and carry for him, but after leaving the piece of paper that she'd written Roy's password and ID number in her purse, Eddie saw the opportunity to steal the details and take advantage.

After loading up his trolley and making his way to the till, the checkout girl asked for the membership card. Eddie had memorised them whilst making his way around, quoting the account number as "73542553" and the password as "Puffing Billy". He apologised for not having his card and explained that his wife had dropped the card down the back of the radiator earlier that morning.

Arriving back home and upon seeing his taxi boot laden with beer and spirits, Eddie managed to convince Anna and their next-door neighbour Gail Platt that having taken a customer to the allotments and helping to construct his greenhouse, he accepted the consignment of alcohol as payment.

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