Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones
Occupation Airport shop assistant
First appearance 6th October 1997
Last appearance 31st December 1997
Number of appearances 2
Played by Penny Capper

Cheryl Jones was the assistant at Manchester Airport's Tie 'n' Fly shop who confirmed to a surprised Ken Barlow that Jon Lindsay was the shop manager - a far cry from the airline pilot Jon had implied to be to Ken's ex-wife, Deirdre Rachid. Long-term friend and neighbour Emily Bishop advised that Deirdre should be told about Jon's true occupation. A shocked Deirdre confronted Jon at the shop and told him that she never wanted to see him again, however Deirdre soon forgave him.

Still blissfully unaware of Jon's double life, Deirdre went back to the tie shop on New Year's Eve to surprise Jon with champagne, only to be stunned when told by Cheryl that Jon was at home with his wife and children.

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