Chestnut drive bamford

1990: Alec Gilroy searches Chestnut Drive for his estranged daughter Sandra

Chestnut Drive in Bamford, Derbyshire was a residential area made up of terraced properties. In 1971, Alec Gilroy's wife Joyce left him for footballer Stan Shaw and they moved to this street from Weatherfield, taking Alec and Joyce's 13-year-old daughter Sandra with them.

In 1990, in his quest to trace his now grown-up daughter Alec paid a visit to Chestnut Drive. He was unsure which house Joyce had lived in but a neighbour, Mrs Battersby, who was out trimming her hedges, remembered the family and informed Alec that they were no longer living in the street. Alec learned from Mrs Battersby and other residents that the Shaws had moved out of Chestnut Drive in about 1980 and that Sandra had married a solicitor named Tim Arden.

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