Children episodes 5 and 6
Occupation Schoolgirls
First appearance 23rd December 1960
Last appearance 28th December 1960
Number of appearances 2
Played by Elisabeth Butler, Joy Nicholson

The Children were two schoolgirls who were playing with a schoolboy in front of the Mission of Glad Tidings when a passing Martha Longhurst saw Leonard Swindley putting new notices up outside the hall and offered to help him while Ena Sharples was in hospital, just before Christmas 1960.

Between Christmas and New Year, they were part of the group who called at 11 Coronation Street to sing a New Year carol, supposedly encouraged by their teacher. Elsie Tanner, amused by their cheek, gave them some money but told them not to call back again until Easter!

The two unnamed girls were accompanied in their second appearance by Singers of the Boy's Choir, St. John's Church, Oldham (pictured) who had appeared in Episode 5 as choirboys singing for patients in the hospital. One of the boys also accompanied the girls in the same episode in the scene where they played in front of the Mission Hall.

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