Chloe 1989
Occupation Chuckles Novelty Co Employee
First appearance 20th December 1989
Last appearance 22nd December 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Tracy Brabin

Chloe was a flirtatious co-worker of Derek Wilton's at Chuckles Novelty Co. On the day before the warehouse Christmas party, Chloe surprised Derek with a kiss under the mistletoe and told him she would have to have a further experiment at the party. Derek said he wasn't going to go, but Chloe wasn't having it and joked that Sid Cooper would take it personally. At the party, Chloe sat on Derek's lap when he was dressed as Santa Claus. Chloe and Sid later accidentally locked Derek in the shop when they closed up after the party as Derek had got drunk and fallen asleep.

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