When Sally Webster banned Sophie from seeing Sian Powers after they had gone away to a music festival without permission, the girls who had entered into a secret lesbian relationship joined the Weatherfield Fellowship Church Choir in order to continue seeing each other. The choir went beyond the usual religious connotations associated with such a gathering and also sang standard tunes and entered into singing competitions and festivals. They also provided the music for Roy and Hayley Cropper’s wedding in August 2010. Sophie and Sian left the choir several months later when its Pastor found out they were a couple and told them of his disapproval.

After finding out that Sian had met Chloe Hughes whilst on holiday in Tangier in March 2011 and concluding that Sian had fallen for her, an upset Sophie consoled herself with a bottle of cider and returned to the church during a choir practice session, announcing that God hated her because of her sexuality and headed up to the church roof. The Pastor finally managed to talk her round and explained that she would be welcome back at the church at any time. However, Sophie drunkenly stumbled and fell off the roof, landing on the top of a parked car.

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