Choir Girl
Choir Girl
First appearance 5th November 2010
Last appearance 15th November 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lucy Allen

The Choir Girl was a member of the Weatherfield Fellowship Church choir which was attended by Sophie Webster and Sian Powers, who received an invitation to Sophie’s sixteenth birthday party in November 2010. Unaware of Sophie and Sian’s relationship, the girl was shocked when Rosie Webster, in her role of party planner, introduced Tom Crude, a local drag king act. Also present were several of Rosie’s fellow cherry vodka promotional girls and handed out generous free samples which resulted in Sophie and Sian getting roaring drunk in front of a near-speechless choir girl and the church pastor as he walked into the house with a present. Later on, as the vodka caused the party to get more and more raucous, the girl was seen staggering in a dance, vodka in her hand.

The Pastor tried to make the girls end their relationship and when they turned up for the next choir practice, the Pastor made it clear that he couldn’t condone their actions and so they quit, accusing him of being a bigot. During the acrimonious exchange, the girl stood by Sophie and Sian fleetingly, asking the Pastor why the girls’ arguments shouldn’t be heard.

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