Chris Fewtrell

Chris Fewtrell is a professional scriptwriter who has written 241 episodes of Coronation Street since 2004 including four episodes co-written with Martin Allen, Carmel Morgan and Joe Turner. He also co-wrote the spin-off DVD Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday with Simon Crowther. He has contributed scripts to Byker Grove, A & E, Rosemary and Thyme, Peak Practice and The Bill. Born in 1969, he lives in the Midlands with his wife and three young children. Chris has no connection to Chris Fewtrell Films, the website, or the author of the book "Muddled Daze", who happens to be a namesake.

Episodes written by Chris FewtrellEdit


2004 (11 episodes)

2005 (18 episodes)

2006 (15 episodes)

2007 (18 episodes)

2008 (16 episodes)

2009 (17 episodes)


2010 (17 episodes)

2011 (17 episodes)

2012 (19 episodes)

2013 (21 episodes)

2014 (17 episodes)

2015 (21 episodes)

2016 (20 episodes)

2017 (11 episodes)

Other Coronation Street related worksEdit

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