Chrissy 8584
Occupation Judo teacher
Residence Redcar
Spouse(s) Husband
Children Several children
First appearance 25th February 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Eva Quinn

Chrissy was an old friend of Tony Stewart's who he met up with in February 2015 at a lock-up in Rochdale to buy some dodgy electrical equipment for Barlow's Buys. He took shop partner Tracy Barlow along with him, telling her the person he was meeting was "Chris" and she was therefore surprised, and not a little jealous, to see that she was an attractive young woman. Tony explained that she used to provide security at concerts that he attended. Catching up on events with Tony, Chrissy told him that she was now a judo teacher and was married and had several children.

Tracy made it clear that she didn't like the girl and insisted that she look over the goods before coming to any agreement. Although she liked what she saw, she also insisted that a load of shavers be included in the price which Chrissy wasn't at all happy about. Tony paid Chrissy extra for the shavers behind Tracy's back but she caught sight of what he was doing in the van mirror and went ballistic at him for undermining her.

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