Christine peters
Christine Peters
Born Ireland
Sibling(s) Jean Cooper, Sandra
Spouse(s) Jack Peters
Children One child (deceased)
First appearance 25th December 1972
Last appearance 3rd January 1973
Number of appearances 4
Played by Frances Tomelty

Christine Peters was a young woman who snatched Jason Lomax in his pram from outside the Rovers Return on 6th September 1972. Christine was confused following the death of her own baby and didn't realise what she was doing, however her sister Jean Cooper took charge and left the pram with Jason inside on waste ground, where it was found by Emily Bishop and Betty Turpin after a two-day police search.

Christine resided with her sister Jean, and wasn't allowed out of the house without her. On Christmas Day, she sneaked out with the intention of meeting Ena Sharples, Jason's great-grandmother, to find out how the Lomaxs were getting on. Arriving at the Community Centre, where Ena was caretaker, Christine found Minnie Caldwell working as a stand-in for her friend, as Ena was staying with the Lomaxs over Christmas. Christine talked with Minnie about the baby kidnap, claiming to have read about it in the papers, however her comment about Jason's blue eyes which was treated innocuously by Minnie was picked up on by Emily Bishop. Christine later turned up at 5 Coronation Street to leave Minnie a present to pass onto Jason. During the conversation, Minnie noticed that Christine had a newspaper clipping of Jason in her handbag. She also questioned Betty Turpin about the kidnapping in the Rovers, saying it must have been exciting.

In light of Emily's suspicions about Christine, Minnie and Betty told her about their encounters with her, and as a result Emily decided to act. Getting Christine's address from Minnie, Emily went to pay the young woman a visit. The address given was Jean's house, however Jean denied that Christine was living there and said she hadn't seen her for months. After Emily left, Jean berated Christine for leaving the house without her. A few days later, Emily turned up again, this time with Ernie, catching Christine there. They managed to get the full truth out of Christine and Jean, that due to Christine's husband, Jack, leaving her when they lived in Huddersfield and her baby died, she had a breakdown and came to live with her. Due to a similarity to Irma Barlow's kidnap of Anthony Lock in 1970, Emily was sympathetic to Christine, but Ernie felt that the police should be brought in and informed Det. Insp. Patterson himself after seeing him in the area. Christine was then arrested and put on probation. The police discovered that she had lost her own child when she was living in Huddersfield and therefore they didn't know about her when looking for likely suspects at the time of the kidnapping.

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