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Christopher Quinten (born 12th July, 1957 in Middlesbrough) is a British actor best known for his role on Coronation Street as mechanic Brian Tilsley, a part he played from 1978 to 1989. He trained at Billingham Theatre School and his other credits include the 1990 film Robocop 2, Doctors, Target and The Pink Medicine Show. A champion gymnast, he once took a job as an acrobatic dancer in cabaret at a theatre restaurant.

In 1988 Christopher decided to move to the United States of America to marry his partner, talk-show host Leeza Gibbons. Despite his hopes that Brian Tilsley could remain a part-time character on Coronation Street, the decision was made to kill him off, and his final, memorable scene aired in February 1989, where Brian was stabbed to death by a gang of teenagers outside a nightclub.

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