Born in 1939 Christopher Sandford played Walter Potts in Coronation Street from July 1963 to January 1964. As well as acting in the programme he also sang and his character's signature song called "Not Too Little, Not Too Much" was released as a record, entering the top twenty and reaching No. 17 following its release in November 1963 and it being featured in the storyline of the programme.

Chris was, briefly, a DJ for Radio Caroline. Prior to his stint in the Street he played a vicious gang leader in No Hiding Place and Stanislavsky, the founder of the "Method" school of acting in Tempo. Straight after leaving the programme, his second record, You're Gonna Be My Girl, flopped and Sandford then formed a Rhythm-'n'-Blues group called The Outsiders who released an album in 1965 called A Little Bit off the Top of Chris Sandford and the actor tried to combine both a singing and an acting career. In a 1972 comment Sandford said that his excursion into pop singing was, "something I'm trying to forget."

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