Church road

1990: Ken Barlow and Wendy Crozier leaving Wendy's house in Church Road

Church Road (postcode WK 4NP) was a residential street in Weatherfield comprised of semi-detached properties. Wendy Crozier resided at No.47 until 1991 when she married Christos Papadopoulos and moved to Norfolk. In 1989, Ken Barlow had an affair with Wendy and lived with her for a four-month period after his split from Deirdre.

In April 1990, Ken and Wendy had a row with Vera Duckworth out in Church Road as they were getting into Wendy's car. Vera was arguing on behalf of Curly Watts, who had recently bought Ken's car on the understanding that it was in full working order only to discover afterwards that it needed £370 worth of repairs. Ken refused to pay Curly's bill, telling Vera that the car's condition had been reflected in the price.

The street name was given in Episode 3015 (8th January 1990), where a letter sent by Deirdre to Ken appears on-screen containing Wendy's address and postcode. The scenes in Church Road were shot at the same location as the interior scenes at Wendy's house.

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