Cindy Beswick
Occupation Private Secretary
First appearance 14th May 1975
Number of appearances 1
Played by Wenda Brown

Cindy Beswick was an attractive girl who drank in the Rovers along with her morose and unnamed friend and who was (unsuccessfully) chatted up by Eddie Yeats from whom they demanded Brandies and Ice which Eddie was unable to afford. Ray Langton immediately took over and the girls’ request dramatically changed to two halfs of mild. Cindy told him she lived at home with her parents, was a private secretary and claimed to be eighteen, although Ray thought she looked older. She agreed to go out with him that night, dumping her friend for the evening. Unable to use No. 9 for the night as Jerry Booth had a cycling club meeting, Ray took her to the Builder's Yard but they were unable to effect entry past Fury, the fierce Alsatian guard dog that Ray and Jerry were renting from Eddie Yeats and Stan Ogden. Terrified of the dog, Cindy refused to go in the yard and Ray’s night of passion was thwarted.

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