When Molly Dobbs, in the advanced stage of her pregnancy, suffered a sharp headache, husband Tyrone took her into Weatherfield General where midwife Claire Hinton examined her. She assured her that the baby was fine but she did have high blood pressure and told her to avoid stress of any nature and be a “spectator” to day to day events from now on. This medical advice terminated the Dobbs’s plans to sell 9 Coronation Street to Eileen Grimshaw and move away from the Street. In the meantime, Molly was kept in overnight for observation but released the next day.

Claire was on duty again when the Street was rocked by an explosion from The Joinery bar, followed by a derailed tram from the wrecked viaduct in December 2010. The shock of the incident brought on premature labour for Fiz Stape’s baby and Dr Carter realised as a result of his examination that she needed to taken to hospital quickly otherwise the baby would die. After admission, Claire conducted the delivery of Hope Stape along with colleague Joanne. The baby was then rushed by the pair to the neonatal intensive care unit for incubation.

In June 2014 she examined a pregnant Carla Barlow when she was admitted with severe abdominal pains. She questioned her as to how severe the pains were and told her to dress in a gown for an examination but within a short period of time Carla miscarried the baby. She later showed Michelle Connor and Rob Donovan into the patient's room to visit her.

The character was credited as "Midwife" on her first two appearances and credited under the name of "Claire Hinton" on her third.

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