Claire Collins
Claire Hollins
Occupation Social worker
First appearance 12th December 2011
Last appearance 13th June 2012
Number of appearances 3
Played by Kathy Jamieson

Claire Hollins was a social worker in charge of inspecting David and Kylie Platt's care of Kylie's five-year-old son Max Turner in December 2011. Social worker Miriam was originally intended for the visit but Claire took over due to Miriam's ill health. As Claire arrived at 8 Coronation Street, David and Kylie were frantically trying to move several Christmas trees which had been dumped after Owen Armstrong purposely told a driver to do so to get his revenge on the couple for filling in his garden pond. Unaware that she was a social worker and mistaking Claire's interest as nosiness, David began to hurl abuse at her. When he and Kylie realised who she was, they tried to apologise but Claire thought it was best to come back another day. She came back several days later for the visit, which went well.

In June 2012, Claire interviewed Peter and Leanne Barlow at Weatherfield General, after Peter's son Simon was admitted, having drunk the best part of a bottle of wine. Claire had been summoned by the hospital, who were concerned for Simon's welfare. Peter and Leanne were locked in a bitter residence battle over Simon, and the ordeal prompted Peter to back down and allow Simon to live with Leanne.

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