Clare Machin
Clare Machin
Occupation Student
First appearance 9th January 2000
Last appearance 20th February 2000
Number of appearances 9
Played by Melanie Barker

Clare Machin was a posh economics student who Mark Redman met at a party when he had starting living with his father Mike Baldwin in Weatherfield. Mark was also attracted at the time to Linda Sykes, his father's gold-digging fiancée and Linda, although she wouldn't admit it to herself, reciprocated those feelings. This meant that she felt jealous of Clare and was not impressed by her stories of her time at boarding school, even if Mike was.

As Mark and Clare's relationship slowly developed, he and Linda also gave into their feelings for each other, sometimes at great risk of discovery. However Mark’s attention was also caught by ex-flame Leanne Battersby who he had finished with when she had a brief flirtation with drugs. Impressed with the way in which she attempted to turn her life back around and make good the harm she had done people while undergoing her addiction, he dumped the solid and dependable Clare for the more free-spirited Leanne, much to Mike's chagrin.

Clare was initially credited as "Claire Machin".

List of appearancesEdit


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