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Clayton Hibbs
Clayton Hibbs
Born c. 2000
Sibling(s) Macca
First appearance 8th July 2016
Number of appearances 9
Played by Callum Harrison

Clayton Hibbs is the half-brother of Macca and an acquaintance of Gemma Winter. In July 2016 the pair began turning up at Prima Doner on Victoria Street, where Gemma worked, hoping to score some free kebabs, but Gemma refused. Instead she was persuaded to take counterfeit notes for their food, which was soon picked up on by proprietor Dev Alahan. Instead manager and friend Chesney Brown stood up for her and claimed he made the mistake. During one of Clayton and Macca's many visits, they got into a brief confrontation with Kylie Platt after discovering that Callum Logan's body had been found buried underneath 8 Coronation Street.

Clayton turned up at the shop to again cause trouble and was near to attacking Gemma, which was witnessed by Craig Tinker. A fight between Clayton and Gemma broke out onto the street whereby he ended up knocking her to the ground. When Kylie heard the commotion and attempted to intervene, Clayton stabbed her and ran off. Kylie later passed away in the arms of her husband David.

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