Clerk of the Court
Occupation Magistrates Court Clerk
First appearance 24th January 1992
Number of appearances 1
Played by Steve Dixon

The Clerk of the Court was on duty when Steve McDonald appeared during January 1992 at the City Magistrates Court on a charge of handling stolen goods. He had sold a radio to Derek Wilton which had been taken from Alf Roberts' car by Carl Redfern, a friend of Steve's and his gang. When Alf recognised the radio and proved to Derek's satisfaction that it was his, Audrey Roberts called in the police. Steve refused to name who he had got the radio off but his brother Andy supplied the information and was beaten up by Redfern and his mob for grassing. Steve was the only one to face the court as the police dropped the case against Redfern due to "inconsistencies". Steve was fined £100.

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