Cliff Stone was a petty crook who saw an opportunity of robbing Ernest Bishop's photographic studio once he realised that the only occupant at night was the old lady in the flat above - Ena Sharples.

He entered the studio at night and was disturbed by Ena. He then tailed her for a short time, but the sharp-eyed Ena quickly saw him watching her from the bar of the Rovers and made enquiries from some of the regular as to who he was. A few hours later that night, Elsie Tanner suddenly remembered him as someone who had just been released from jail after twelve months inside after robbing a butcher's shop but by that time Stone was lifting the floorboards in the dark room of the studio. A fearless Ena confronted the nervous man and he told her that the £74 he was carrying were his savings that he’d deposited there some time before when he worked on the premises when it was a junk shop. She confiscated the money, saying he could have it in the morning if his story that the money was his and he needed it for his kids proved true. However, the next day Cyril Turpin arrested him for robbing a post office and Ena discovered that the studio’s petty cash of £4, 16/ was also missing.