Clifford was the next door neighbour of Joy Fishwick. He called at her house in January 2011 just after a guilt-ridden John Stape had confessed that he knew that her missing son Colin had died and he had buried him under building works in the Underworld factory to prevent the story coming to light that John had stolen Colin’s identity to return to teaching, a profession from which he was barred.

Joy’s heart condition came on upon hearing the grisly details and, afraid of the old lady calling out to Clifford for help, he clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent her calling out. He proved too effective at the job though and the old lady expired in his clasp.

John fled the house but returned later on when he realised that ready meals and soup for two he had bought for the old lady had been left behind. He went back at night but was interrupted by the ever-vigilant Clifford as he looked through the darkened windows. John span another of his tales that he was delivering a package but Clifford wasn’t happy to leave the situation alone and breaking down the front door with a recently-learned karate kick, he and John entered the house. While Clifford rang the emergency services, John managed to literally clean the evidence of the second meal and leave the house to continue his “delivery jobs”.

Clifford was in attendance at Joy's funeral which was held at St. Ruth's Church during the following month.

In May of the same year, Clifford caught Chesney Brown sneaking around Joy's house intent on getting to the bottom of the events surrounding her death. After Chesney showed him a picture of John, Clifford confirmed that was indeed the same man who had turned up at the house on the evening that the elderly lady's body had been discovered.

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