Nurse 8353
Clinic Nurse
First appearance 28th March 2014
Last appearance 14th December 2015
Number of appearances 3
Played by Helen Longworth

The unnamed Clinic Nurse dealt with Carla Barlow when she went for an abortion in March 2014. Without discussing the matter with husband Peter, Carla took Michelle Connor along with her, determined to terminate the pregnancy as she didn't see herself as being maternal and feeling the Underworld business was her real child. The nurse took her blood pressure and told Carla that she was in fine health. Carla assured her that she had given the matter enough thought, though she sounded unconvinced herself. The nurse gave her the first of two mifepristone pills to take, advising her what it did and what the side effects would be. When it came to swallowing the pill, Carla hesitated and Michelle advised her that if she had any doubts whatsoever she should reconsider. Her words got through and Carla handed the pill back to the nurse with an apology and left.

Her next patient also walked out without undertaking any procedure when Sarah Platt went to abort the late Callum Logan's baby in December 2015. Kylie Platt followed her to the clinic and persuaded her to keep the child, arguing that she loved Max Turner despite the fact that Callum had been his father and Sarah would feel the same about her child. As the nurse called her into the treatment room, Sarah changed her mind and walked out with Kylie.

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