Clive Middleton was the father of hairdresser Fiona, as well as husband of Pam and father of Lee. In March 1996, Clive arrived late at the grand opening of Fiona's new hair salon, which she'd bought with money which Lee had loaned her. Fiona had not been expecting Clive to turn up as Pam had told her he was working, despite him being given plenty of notice, which Fiona remarked was typical of him, as he was always telling her how useless she was only to absent himself whenever she had a success. When Clive did arrive, he presented Fiona with a 50p bottle of wine, which he considered to be "pushing the boat out", and dismissed the salon as somewhere people were daft enough to let Fiona loose on their hair. While there, Clive asked Lee why he had loaned Fiona money when he'd refused to lend him £2,000 to buy a new car. Lee admitted that he didn't think he'd pay him back.

In September 1997, Clive and Pam went out for a meal with Fiona and then-fiancé Alan McKenna whereby they offered to pay for the wedding and annoyed Fiona by wanting to make it a big affair. Clive and Pam were later there to pick up the pieces on the wedding day when Alan called off the ceremony after Fiona admitted to sleeping with Jim McDonald.

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