Cloaks 8303
Cloakroom Attendant
First appearance 17th January 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tom Vaughan

The unnamed Cloakroom Attendant looked after the coats when WARTS (Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders and Stockholders) held a ball in January 2014 at the Town Hall. Dev Alahan and Stella Price made one couple at the event while Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan were another. There had already been an altercation between the four when Steve McDonald refused to drive Rob and Tracy there and took Dev and Stella instead, meaning that the latter twosome got soaked in the rain. Upon arriving late and drenched, Tracy noticed that Stella had left her cloakroom disc on a table and stole it, claiming the coats for herself towards the end of the night. She and Rob then watched laughing from a balcony, wearing the others' apparel, as they argued with the attendant.

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