Colin was an art expert called in by Roy Cropper through the Weatherfield Historical Society to investigate a large graffiti mural painted overnight on the wall of 4 Coronation Street. Sally Webster was furious about the daubs until Roy mentioned that they might be by Banksy and when she read up on the some prices his "work" fetched, pound signs lit up in her eyes and she dreamed of moving to Hale Barns.

When Colin arrived, he told her that he had done his masters on Banksy but he regretted that he hadn't able to interview the man himself as part of his researches. Sally showed her total ignorance of the reclusive and unknown artist by asking if he had been too busy at the time. He then examined the work and in front of several amused neighbours declared that it wasn't genuine. Sally became indignant and questioned how much of an expert he was if his only qualification had been to do a few "stupid essays" and that she was going to get a second opinion. He told her it wouldn't make a scrap of difference: apart from the fact that it was monochrome with some colour, it wasn't a Banksy and on that point he wished the deflated woman a good day and left.

The character was credited as "Art Expert" but his name was given in dialogue.