Colin Baxter00
Colin Baxter
Residence Eccles
Spouse(s) Emma Baxter (1995)
First appearance 27th September 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by Adam Colclough

Colin Baxter and his wife Emma were a couple that viewed 9 Coronation Street in late September 1995. Jack and Vera Duckworth had put the property on the market as part of their attempt to purchase the Rovers.

The Duckworths busily spent the morning tidying the house and back yard, and on Bill Webster's suggestion that the smell of fresh coffee would attract buyers, Vera promptly acquired a coffee percolator from Don Brennan.

The young couple duly arrived, explaining that they were keen to get onto the property ladder - they had been married for a month and were currently renting a flat in Eccles. As Vera offered to show them round the house, Emma suddenly became unwell and at her husband's suggestion she went outside for some fresh air. Colin told the Duckworths that Emma was allergic to the smell of coffee and continued to view the property alone. As he shook hands with Jack and Vera, and confirmed that they would be in touch, he left to check up on his wife.

Adam Colclough would return to play an unnamed heavy hired by Mike Baldwin in May 1999, and appeared again in April 2003 as Nick Morgan, a hoodlum from Sheffield who tracked down the Harris family.

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