Colin jackson
Colin Jackson
Spouse(s) Sue Jackson
First appearance 18th May 1981
Last appearance 27th May 1981
Number of appearances 4
Played by Paul Lowther

Colin Jackson and his wife Sue were neighbours of Gail and Brian Tilsley in Buxton Close in 1981. The couples became friendly when Colin fixed the Tilsleys' stereo for them and on one Bank Holiday Monday Colin and Sue persuaded the Tilsleys to abandon their dinner plans and have a picnic with them. Colin's attentions were firmly on Gail and he made some suggestive comments to her, joking to Sue that Gail took care of him and then telling Gail that they should go to the beach next time so she could get her bikini on. Gail, Brian and Sue laughed it off as a bit of harmless fun and they all had a good day, but later that evening (once Brian had gone to work) Colin stopped by at the Tilsleys' house to return Nicky's cup which was left in the car and made a play for Gail, telling her he fancied her and that she'd been giving him looks. Gail was understandably shocked and slapped Colin to get him off her.

Colin persuaded Gail and Brian not to tell Sue what he'd done, and to avoid any complications the Tilsleys turned down Sue's idea of the couples going on a caravan weekend together. After this, they had little to do with each other.

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