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Colin Pritchard
Spouse(s) Kathy Pritchard
First appearance Unseen

Colin Pritchard was the husband of Kathy Pritchard, one-time fancy piece of Terry Duckworth. Kathy considered Colin a bit of a wally, calling him "clay all the way up". She was unhappy in the marriage due to Colin's unromantic idea of a night out being an evening in front of the television with an exotic pizza, and his refusal to help her become a model as he didn't approve of her flaunting herself. When Kathy dated Terry, she was separated from Colin but she warned Terry that Colin was still on the scene. As he seemed to be getting somewhere with Kathy, Terry ignored her warning, but in fact Colin was keeping a close eye on Kathy's house and while she was inside with Terry, Colin graffitied "stay away from my wife" along the side of Terry's Jaguar. As the car was actually Mike Baldwin's, when he saw the damage Terry immediately forgot about the Pritchards and concentrated on stopping Mike from finding out he'd been using the Jag for his own pleasure.

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