Collette Whittaker
Collette Whittaker
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 9th February 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Perveen Hussain

Collette Whittaker was a nurse at Weatherfield General when Tracy Barlow gave birth to Amy in February 2004. Although everyone thought that Roy Cropper was the father of the child after Tracy drugged him and claimed she’d slept with him in order to win a bet with Bev Unwin, however Steve McDonald had also been informed by Tracy that he was the true father.

Roy was present at the birth but Tracy rang Steve afterwards in desperation and begged him to come and see his baby daughter. Steve arrived when the coast was clear and as he made his made towards the maternity ward, Collette stopped him and advised him that only fathers were allowed in at that time of night. Steve protested that he was the actual father and Collette checked with Tracy before letting him in.

However Steve told Tracy that seeing his daughter made no difference and he wouldn’t leave his fiancée Karen for her.

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