The Committee Chairman headed up a meeting of the Planning Committee at Weatherfield Town Hall in June 1989. The chairman had just begun reviewing the minutes from the last meeting when councillor Steve Rafferty interrupted him to move that those present vote to ask Deirdre Barlow to leave the meeting, as council secrets had recently been leaked by Ken Barlow in the Weatherfield Recorder. Despite strenuously denying being her husband's mole, Deirdre left the meeting of her own volition.

One of the matters discussed by the committee after Deirdre left was where to place a homeless shelter, with the Community Centre in Coronation Street rumoured to be the favoured choice. To exonerate Deirdre, in the next edition of the Recorder Ken printed the news that Westover Road was chosen instead, though the identity of his real mole, committee secretary Wendy Crozier, remained a secret for the time being.