The Connors are a family who have lived in Coronation Street since 2006.

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Paul, Liam and MichelleEdit

Paul, Liam and Michelle

Paul, Liam and Michelle Connor were brought up in Manchester by their Irish-born parents Barry and Helen Connor. At some point Barry and Helen returned to Ireland but all of their children remained in England. Paul later married his childhood friend Carla Donovan, while Michelle fell pregnant with her boyfriend Dean's child and gave birth in January 1992.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Michelle's son Alex had been accidentally swapped at birth with another child Ryan - whom she raised as her own while her biological son was taken in by Ryan's parents Nick and Wendy Neeson. Dean didn't live long enough to learn about his son's death as he passed away following a car crash in 2002. The crash was the fault of Michelle's brother Paul, who had been driving drunk at the time, although Paul evaded justice after enlisting Liam's help in making Dean look like the driver.

In September 2006, Liam learnt that young Adam Barlow was the owner of Underworld in Coronation Street. Liam called his brother and the pair were able to convince the naive Adam to sell the factory over to them for far less than it was worth - using Carla's funds from her children's clothing business to make the purchase. Paul, Liam, Michelle and Ryan all moved to the street and were eventually joined by Carla in December.

In 2007, Liam began a relationship with Leanne Battersby - but was left in the dark about the fact that she worked as a prostitute. After the death of polish factory worker Kasia Barowicz, who had been working an illegal night-shift, Paul helped cover up her death along with Liam and Carla. Covering up another death led to Paul becoming distant from his wife and he hired a prostitute for sex instead of sleeping with her. Paul was left shocked after hiring his brother's girlfriend Leanne for her services, and after Carla found out she refused to believe that the pair hadn't slept together and ended their marriage.

Blaming Leanne for the break-down of his marriage Paul kidnapped Leanne, shoving her into the boot of his car, and attempted to drive her to Liam - where he planned to expose her secret. However, the car crashed and Paul was put into a coma. The crash led to many secrets being revealed as Michelle learnt that her brother was the driver in the crash that killed Dean and Liam discovered Leanne's prostitution secret. Michelle originally refused to visit Paul in hospital but caved just in time to see him pass away, while Liam blamed Leanne for Paul's demise.

In December 2007, Michelle's biological son Alex returned - having learnt about his parentage after falling ill and being revealed to be in a blood group far different than that of his father's. Due to Alex's return, Michelle and Ryan's relationship became strained but, after Alex began causing trouble, Michelle and the Neesons agreed to end contact and continue raising the son that they had raised from birth.

Meanwhile Liam entered into a relationship with Maria Sutherland and Maria fell pregnant with their son - giving birth in April 2008 the pair were left devastated when the baby was stillborn and respectively named the baby after his uncle Paul. Despite his heartache with Maria, Liam had began an affair with Carla - having become close in recent months. Carla's husband Tony Gordon discovered the affair and arranged for Liam to be killed in a hit-and-run on his stag-night in October 2008 - leaving Maria alone and once again pregnant.

Maria came to suspect Tony over Liam's murder, after discovering that he was aware of Liam and Carla's affair. However, she later began to soften towards him after he helped her deliver her son Liam Connor Jr.. By the end of the year Maria and Tony had began a relationship, however his guilt was later revealed and he was imprisoned by November 2008.

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Johnny, Aidan and KateEdit

Johnny, Aidan and Kate

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