Constable Conway
Constable Conway
Occupation Motorcycle policeman
First appearance 12th March 1979
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Butterworth

Constable Conway, a motorcycle policeman, was one of the emergency crews who rushed to Coronation Street in March 1979 when a lorry carrying wood crashed into the front of the Rovers, injuring several residents. While Sgt Cummings was in charge of the police, Conway clambered over the pile of lumber into the pub where he assessed the situation and reported back to Cummings on what he saw. Cummings then told him to get onto headquarters and get more men down to the street to deal with what he deemed to be a major incident. Conway later helped cleared the wood out of the way in order to get at Tracy Langton who was thought to be buried under the debris.

Credited as "Policeman", his name was given as "Constable Conway" in TV Times.

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