Consultant (Episodes 6647-8)
Occupation Hospital consultant
First appearance 21st September 2007
Last appearance 23rd September 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lorna Brown

The unnamed Consultant was based at the Intensive Care Unit of Weatherfield General and in September 2007, oversaw the medical treatment given to Bethany Platt, who had been rushed to the hospital having innocently swallowed an ecstasy tablet - a bag of which had been hidden inside one of her dolls by uncle, David Platt.

As Bethany finally regained consciousness the consultant advised anxious mother Sarah and her fiancé Jason Grimshaw that Bethany's blood toxicology results looked fine, her metabolism was back to normal and she'd made excellent progress over the last few days. The consultant was happy to allow Bethany to be discharged later that afternoon.

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