Consultant (Liz Wyatt)
Occupation Consultant
First appearance 13th January 2012
Last appearance 22nd February 2013
Number of appearances 3
Played by Liz Wyatt

The unnamed Consultant at Weatherfield General was in charge of overseeing the medical care of two Coronation Street residents:

In January 2012, police officer Kirsty Soames was badly injured following a pursuit of Tina McIntyre's car. Parked up in a patrol car whilst on duty, she witnessed her partner Tyrone Dobbs in the passenger seat of Tina's car as it drove past. Reading more into the situation than there actually was, Kirsty followed them at a distance, but when Tina realised that Kirsty was in the patrol car, she refused to stop and drove at speed heading towards Weatherfield Police Station. Having to slam on her brakes at a red traffic light, Kirsty's patrol car ploughed heavily into the back of Tina's car. After being checked over by a Paramedic, both Tyrone and Tina were found only to be suffering from minor cuts and bruises, while an unconscious Kirsty was taken to hospital. Upon regaining consciousness, the Consultant confirmed that Kirsty had suffered no internal injuries, no blood loss and that everything on her test results were clear, however she gave the couple the unexpected news that Kirsty was in fact pregnant.

Just over a year later in February 2013, a pregnant Kylie Platt was rushed to hospital after an alcohol-induced accident at the Rovers. Ignoring words of advice from landlady Stella Price, Kylie clambered up onto a table but quickly lost her balance and fell. The Consultant confirmed that Kylie was suffering from internal bleeding and would need emergency surgery. Having regained consciousness after the operation, the Surgeon explained that she had suffered a ruptured spleen but that he'd been able to control and stop the bleeding without the removal of the organ. With the condition of the baby still unknown at this stage, the Surgeon gave sonographer Marcus Dent authorization to perform an ultrasound scan. Kylie and husband David cried with relief when Marcus gave them news of a positive result.

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