Corinne Handforth appeared on Coronation Street in June 2000 as the Check-In Clerk at Manchester Airport as nurse Rebecca Hopkins headed off to start a new job in Dubai.

Graduating from Manchester Metropolitan School of Acting in 2000 BA (Hons), she has worked in the industry since then. On television she has been credited for roles in Ancient Worlds, Stand By Your Man, Private Lives and Emmerdale as well as TV movies The Marchioness Disaster and Brides in the Bath, and the short films Something Blue, Wanda Eats Wanda, Elevator, Plenty More Fish and Full Time.

On stage she has appeared in productions of Design for Living; Shattered; True Colours; Tight; Comfort; Space; The Puzzle Women; Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick; Dangerous Corner; My Cousin Rachel; Coitophobia; House Guest; Breaking Chains; Dancing in the Dark; The Lost Princess; Barely Phyllis; Random Harvest and Frozen.

She has also led children's theatre workshops for Rogue Theatre in Bosnia.

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