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Coronation Street: 1970-1979 was a ten-disc DVD boxset featuring 80 Coronation Street episodes originally broadcast in the UK in the 1970s. Each disc contained eight episodes from a year between 1970 and 1979.

The set was the first of five Coronation Street DVD boxsets released by Network DVD, each focusing on a specific decade. In its original release on 25th July 2005, the boxset was comprised of ten individual DVD cases inside an outer box. These were also released separately. It was re-issued in a slimmer ten-disc case at a lower retail price on 5th September 2011.

There were no listed special features but the original studio countdown clocks, complete with the voice of the floor manager were included as easter eggs for most episodes.


From the back of the original release DVD box:

A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, featuring 80 landmark episodes from the 1970s, this is the very best of 'Coronation Street' from the decade that established it as a staple part of British television culture.
With many episodes unseen since their original broadcast this is an opportunity to revisit old friends and re-live some classic moments including:
The marriages of Elsie Tanner and Alan Howard, Brian and Gail Tilsley, Ernie and Emily Bishop and Len and Rita Fairclough.
The 1977 Silver Jubilee Street party.
The warehouse fire and the discovery of two bodies.
Hilda Ogden's seance.
The electrocution of Valerie Barlow.
And much more.


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(*Episode included is Granada Plus edit)

1970s dvd menu

Episode menu

# No. Date Disc
195518th February 19701
296216th March 19701
39686th April 19701
498018th May 19701
599122nd July 19701
6103030th November 19701
7103516th December 19701
8103621st December 19701
9104727th January 19712
10106914th April 19712
1110832nd June 19712
1210937th July 19712
1311002nd August 19712
14110311th August 19712
15111627th September 19712
1611351st December 19712
1711715th April 19723
18118422nd May 19723
19119528th June 19723
20120814th August 19723
21121920th September 19723
22122718th October 19723
23123929th November 19723
24124625th December 19723
25125215th January 19734
26126426th February 19734
27128125th April 19734
28128923rd May 19734
29129411th June 19734
3013014th July 19734
31131729th August 19734
32132112th September 19734
33136825th February 19745
34137520th March 19745
35138524th April 19745
36139810th June 19745
37140710th July 19745
38143030th September 19745
39143414th October 19745
4014494th December 19745
4114576th January 19756
42146120th January 19756
43148131st March 19756
4415107th July 19756
4515366th October 19756
46154712th November 19756
47155124th November 19756
4815543rd December 19756
49156721st January 19767
5015729th February 19767
51158317th March 19767
5215885th April 19767
53161714th July 19767
54162718th August 19767
55164211th October 19767
56164727th October 19767
57167224th January 19778
58168021st February 19778
5916847th March 19778
60169720th April 19778
6117118th June 19778
6217273rd August 19778
63174919th October 19778
64175614th November 1977*8
6517729th January 19789
6617818th February 19789
67179220th March 19789
68181229th May 1978*9
69184727th September 19789
70185111th October 19789
71186115th November 19789
7218676th December 19789
7318758th January 197910
7418927th March 197910
7519019th April 197910
76190316th April 197910
77190523rd April 197910
7819174th June 197910
79192325th June 197910
80194728th November 197910


  • The individual release dates were:

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