Coronation Street: Golden Anniversary Collection is a DVD box-set, containing 31 of the most memorable episodes of Coronation Street. Also includes three extra episodes; the very first episode from 1960, the first colour episode from 1969 and the 40th Anniversary live episode from 2000. Also featured are many of the documentaries and family albums originally broadcast on ITV in the late 1990s up to 2010, plus Stars of the Street - Coronation Street 50th Anniversary.

The twelve-disc boxset was released on 11th October 2010.


From the back of the DVD box:

This very special Box Set includes the following programmes:
The Stars of the Street: 50 Classic Characters, the very first episodes, 31 key and ground-breaking episodes featuring familiar faces young and old, including the most memorable episode where Prince Charles was on set, 6 Coronation Street Family Albums, Corrie Controversies, 8 specials focusing on events central to the past 50 years and The Street Undressed - a look behind the scenes.


The boxset contains twelve individual DVD cases, each containing one disc. The episodes do NOT include the original Granada idents and advert bumpers. There are subtitles provided.

Disc OneEdit

  • The Stars of The Street - Part 1:

A countdown from 50 - 26 of the best characters on the street.

Disc TwoEdit

  • The Stars of The Street - Part 2:

A countdown from 25 - 1 of the best characters on the street.

Disc ThreeEdit

Disc FourEdit

Disc FiveEdit

Disc SixEdit

Disc SevenEdit

Disc EightEdit

Disc NineEdit

Disc TenEdit

Disc ElevenEdit

Disc TwelveEdit

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