Coronation Street School

Coronation Street School was a comic strip that ran in the children's comic School Fun from 1983 to 1984.

Coronation Street School, described by author Graham Kibble White as "one of the more unlikely concepts...but somehow it worked" (The Ultimate Book of British Comics, Allison & Busby 2005), told of the adventures of junior versions of all the regular street characters. Young Ken Barlow was head boy, with a magnificent hair and fought for the attentions of Deirdre Barlow with Mike Baldwin while Deirdre Barlow mooned over Ken, Albert Tatlock bored everyone, Bet Gilroy had a leopard print blazer, Stan Ogden and Hilda Ogden rowed, and Eddie Yeats stole everything that was left lying around.

Plots in the comic sometimes paralled those in the soap so that when, onscreen, Rita Sullivan taught Mavis Wilton how to drive a car in the comic Mavis was learning how to ride a bike.

Colin Whittock was the artist on the strip.