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Coronation Street is a British drama serial set in the north of England, chronicling the professional and private lives of the residents of a backstreet in Weatherfield, a fictional suburb of Greater Manchester. Created by Tony Warren and produced by Granada Television and then ITV plc for the country's main commercial network, it first transmitted on 9th December 1960 and is the longest running drama series in the world still in production.

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Elsie mediates an argument between Gail and Suzie

27th June 1983: The wheels for Suzie Birchall's departure from the Street were set in motion. Currently staying at No.11 as Elsie Tanner's houseguest, Suzie had tried to lure Brian Tilsley into bed, thinking he'd be up for a bit of excitement while Gail was away, only to be rebuffed by her best friend's husband. The repercussions from this were that Gail - believing Brian's story over Suzie's lie that Brian had led her on and that they had slept together - ended their friendship of six years, and after an argument with Elsie, where the two exchanged some home truths, Suzie was told to leave No.11.


Carla Connor


Carla Connor in 2011

Carla Connor was the owner/manager of Underworld lingerie factory in Coronation Street from 2007 to 2016. From a poor start in life, Carla inherited her husband Paul's share of the factory after he died in a car crash. Paul had been running Underworld with his brother Liam since 2006 and after he died Carla and Liam, in denial about their feelings for each other, married Tony Gordon and Maria Sutherland respectively. After his son Paul was stillborn, Liam slept with Carla, leading paranoid Tony to have him killed in a hit-and-run. Tony confessed to his crime but escaped from prison six months later and almost killed Carla in a fire at the factory in which he perished. After her showdown with Tony, Carla developed a drinking problem and fell for Peter Barlow, who was a recovering alcoholic. Peter rejected Carla to marry Leanne Battersby, and Carla went with Frank Foster instead, although when she admitted to herself that Frank was just a substitute for Peter and broke off their engagement, Frank raped her, leading Carla to attempt suicide. Carla and Peter then started an affair which was exposed in court, helping Frank get acquitted although soon after his release he was murdered by his mother Anne.

The Featured Character is the latest Main character article upgraded to "good" status on Corriepedia. For more about Carla Connor, go here.


...that Stanley Wood, who wrote Episode 1237 (22nd November 1972), was the father of comedian Victoria Wood?
...that in Episode 1183 (17th May 1972), the character of Rita Bates gave her maiden name as "Foster" and not the later-established "Littlewood"?
...that although the character of Armistead Caldwell had died in 1935, his voice was heard in Episode 1256 (29th January 1973)?
...that the first ever repeat of an episode of Coronation Street was on Friday 10th February 1961 when strike action prevented the transmission of that night's edition and Episode 1 was shown in its place?

...that the entire plotline of Episode 1524 (25th August 1975) takes place in the Rovers Return Inn over one night and the following day?
"There's more rumours than margarine spread around here"
Valerie Barlow

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Next episodes - Friday 24th June at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV2013


Coronation Street transmission patterns by country:

Africa, the Middle East and Asia

  • New episodes: Weekdays 7.20pm - UK Time (ITV Choice)
  • Current Pace: Two days behind UK broadcast


  • New episodes: Monday-Friday 6:50pm (UKTV)
  • Current Pace: Four weeks behind UK broadcast


  • New episodes: Monday to Friday 7.30pm (CBC)
  • Omnibus: Sunday 8.00am
  • Current Pace: Two weeks behind UK broadcast


  • New episodes: simulcast with UK (UTV Ireland)
  • Weekly episodes repeated on Sunday afternoons

New Zealand

  • New episodes:
    • Tuesday and Wednesday 1.30pm
    • Thursday and Friday 1.00pm (TV ONE)
  • Omnibus: Saturday 9.00pm
  • Current Pace: eighteen months behind UK broadcast

United Kingdom

  • New episodes:
    • Mondays 7.30pm & 8.30pm (ITV1)
    • Wednesdays 7.30pm (ITV1)
    • Fridays 7.30pm & 8.30pm (ITV1)
  • Repeats on ITV2
    • After 6.00am, the weekday morning after original broadcast
    • Midday the weekday after original broadcast,
  • Omnibuses
    • Saturday and Sunday, mid-morning ITV2</noinclude>

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