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2010 was Coronation Street's fifty-first year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Nick TilsleyBen PriceFull year161101272
2Fiz StapeJennie McAlpineFull year except for February15412573
3Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year14621869
4David PlattJack P. ShepherdFull year144142811
5Gail Platt/McIntyreHelen WorthFull year140337016
6Leanne Battersby/BarlowJane DansonFull year139107743
7Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year134244046
8Becky McDonaldKatherine KellyFull year12954010
9Peter BarlowChris GascoyneFull year1246818
9John StapeGraeme HawleyFull year12428361
11Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year except for May123114316
11Sophie WebsterBrooke VincentFull year except for February and June12382925
13Tina McIntyreMichelle KeeganFull year except for August12134113
13Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellUntil April and from July12124081
15Carla ConnorAlison KingFull year11545464
16Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year105388621
17Sean TullyAntony CottonFull year10181614
18Molly DobbsVicky BinnsUntil April and July to December1004696
18Graeme ProctorCraig GazeyFull year except for August10020131
20Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideUntil September and from December99304224
20Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardUntil November99168323
22Michelle ConnorKym MarshFull year9757020
22Hayley CropperJulie HesmondhalghFull year except for September97114128
22Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasFull year9799612
22Sally WebsterSally Whittaker/DynevorJanuary and from July9723104
26Ciaran McCarthyKeith DuffyFrom February96386 -
27Rosie WebsterHelen FlanaganFull year92116422
27Sian PowersSacha ParkinsonFull year except for February and June9213059
28Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year91130440
30Janice BattersbyVicky EntwistleFull year except for October90152132
30Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year except for November90106916
30Anna WindassDebbie RushFull year except for March9017332
33Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFull year87100326
34Natasha BlakemanRachel LeskovacUntil September8313455
34Claire PeacockJulia HaworthFull year except for June8366036
36Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year except for January82109219
37Sunita AlahanShobna GulatiFull year except for June7754473
37Julie CarpKaty CavanaghFull year7723614
37Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFrom March77312641
40Lloyd MullaneyCraig CharlesFull year7649126
41Chesney Battersby-Brown/BrownSam AstonFull year except for February and May7248343
42Ashley PeacockSteven ArnoldJanuary and April to December70127342
43Mary TaylorPatti ClareFull year except for November679765
43Eddie WindassSteve HuisonFull year except for March6714736
45Izzy ArmstrongCherylee HoustonFrom April6666 -
46Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFull year except for February6271639
47Owen ArmstrongIan Puleston-DaviesFrom June5858 -
47Simon BarlowAlex BainFull year5818132
47Trevor DeanSteve JacksonJanuary to July and September to October5858 -
50Cheryl GrayHolly Quin-AnkrahFrom April5757 -
51Lewis ArcherNigel HaversUntil August495079
51Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year except for June49308232
53Gary WindassMikey NorthJanuary to February, April to June and from September4713136
54Jack DobbsJaxon & Maddox Beswick and Alex & EllisSeptember to December4545 -
55Maria ConnorSamia GhadieFrom June419652
56Ryan ConnorBen ThompsonJanuary, March to April, June to July and September to October3624048
56Bill WebsterPeter ArmitageFull year except for February and October3654947
58Amy BarlowAmber Chadwick and Elle MulvaneyFull year except for March and June3530066
59Kylie TurnerPaula LaneAugust to December3131 -
60Aadi AlahanZennon DitchettJanuary to May and July to September294373
60Asha AlahanTanisha GoreyJanuary to May and July to September294373
60Katy ArmstrongGeorgia May FooteFrom July2929 -
60Joshua PeacockBenjamin BeresfordJanuary, March to April and from July2932667
60Max TurnerHarry McDermottFrom August2929 -
65Jack Duckworth William TarmeyJanuary to February, May and August to November28208551
66Chris GrayWill ThorpJuly to August and from October2626 -
66Freddie PeacockLuke & Niall BeresfordJanuary to February and from July2614069
66Betty WilliamsBetty DriverJanuary to February, May and from August26271862
69Kelly CrabtreeTupele DorguUntil March2451143
70Tracy BarlowKate FordMay to June and from December221206 -
70Joe McIntyreReece DinsdaleUntil February221747
72Russ GrayFinton FlynnFrom May2121 -
72Pam HobsworthKate AnthonyJanuary, March to April, September and November to December2111949
74Teresa BryantKaren HenthornJanuary and March to May1310462
75Matt CarterOliver MellorAugust to October and from December1212 -
76Jesse ChadwickJohn ThomsonUntil March115854
77Brian PackhamPeter GunnApril and October99 -
78Liam Connor Jr.Ollie & Elliott BarnettJune to August and December85055
78Tony GordonGray O'BrienMay to June82855
80Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonNovember to December7110673
81Hope StapeN/AFrom December66 -
82Jackie DobbsMargi ClarkeFebruary to March56670
83Ted PageMichael ByrneJanuary only47358
84Paul KershawTony HirstDecember only33 -
85Archie ShuttleworthRoy HuddMay only2117 -
86Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnNovember only12277 -


In 2010, Coronation Street celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a number of special events, notably a week of special episodes in December showing a tram crashing onto the Street and the ensuing chaos. A live episode was transmitted on the Thursday of that week, fifty years to the day after the similarly live broadcast of Episode 1. Other celebratory features included DVD spin-off A Knight's Tale, featuring the returns of Curly Watts and Reg Holdsworth, and The Road to Coronation Street, a dramatised retelling of the circumstances surrounding the creation of the serial in 1960.

Kim Crowther was the producer until Episode 7387. She was succeeded as producer by Phil Collinson, who was first credited in the position in Episode 7388, transmitted on 26th July. Kieran Roberts was the executive producer for the entire year. Beginning with Episode 7351 (31st May 2010), the programme was both recorded and broadcast in High Definition and this necessitated a new title sequence, the eighth in the programme's history. Commensurate with this change, Eric Spear's theme was changed with the most radical regular rearrangement of the tune since the programme's inception.

Major storylines of 2010 included Joe McIntyre's death and Gail McIntyre's subsequent imprisonment, Kate Ford's return as Tracy Barlow, John Stape's identity fraud, Tony Gordon's factory siege, gigolo Lewis Archer conning Audrey Roberts, Peter Barlow overcoming alcoholism and Sophie Webster's lesbian romance with Sian Powers. Following the death of Maggie Jones in December 2009, her character Blanche Hunt was killed off in May. William Tarmey also retired from the role of Jack Duckworth, with Jack dying from cancer.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
17242Friday 1st January1Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson9,560,00010
27243Friday 1st January2Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson11,080,0003
37244Monday 4th January1Damon RochefortDurno Johnston11,780,0001
47245Monday 4th January2David LaneDurno Johnston11,680,0003
57246Thursday 7th January Peter WhalleyDurno Johnston11,680,0003
67247Friday 8th January1Julie JonesDurno Johnston11,620,0006
77248Friday 8th January2Daran LittleDurno Johnston11,710,0002
87249Monday 11th January1Jan McVerryIan Bevitt11,550,0003
97250Monday 11th January2Mark WadlowIan Bevitt11,830,0001
107251Thursday 14th January Joe TurnerIan Bevitt10,840,0009
117252Friday 15th January1Martin AllenIan Bevitt11,400,0005
127253Friday 15th January2Martin AllenIan Bevitt11,010,0006
137254Monday 18th January1Daran LittleDavid Kester11,290,0001
147255Monday 18th January2Daran LittleDavid Kester11,070,0002
157256Thursday 21st January Debbie OatesDavid Kester10,630,0004
167257Friday 22nd January1Debbie OatesDavid Kester10,470,0007
177258Friday 22nd January2Peter WhalleyDavid Kester10,510,0005
187259Monday 25th January1Mark BurtStuart Davids11,560,0002
197260Monday 25th January2John KerrStuart Davids11,590,0001
207261Thursday 28th January Mark WadlowStuart Davids10,780,0004
217262Friday 29th January1Simon CrowtherStuart Davids10,550,0005
227263Friday 29th January2Simon CrowtherStuart Davids9,510,0009
237264Monday 1st February1Chris FewtrellKay Patrick11,310,0002
247265Monday 1st February2Chris FewtrellKay Patrick11,400,0001
257266Thursday 4th February Julie JonesKay Patrick10,130,0006
267267Friday 5th February1Joe TurnerKay Patrick10,290,0004
277268Friday 5th February2Joe TurnerKay Patrick9,870,0009
287269Monday 8th February1David LaneTony Prescott11,320,0001
297270Monday 8th February2David LaneTony Prescott11,270,0002
307271Thursday 11th February Martin AllenTony Prescott10,290,0007
317272Friday 12th February1Jan McVerryTony Prescott10,640,0004
327273Friday 12th February2Jan McVerryTony Prescott10,180,0009
337274Monday 15th February1Damon RochefortJohn Anderson11,550,0003
347275Monday 15th February2Joe TurnerJohn Anderson11,840,0002
357276Thursday 18th February Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson10,010,0008
367277Friday 19th February1Mark WadlowJohn Anderson10,750,0007
377278Friday 19th February2Mark WadlowJohn Anderson9,190,0009
387279Monday 22nd February1Simon CrowtherDurno Johnston11,380,0003
397280Monday 22nd February2Jonathan HarveyDurno Johnston12,030,0001
407281Thursday 25th February Stephen RussellDurno Johnston10,080,0006
417282Friday 26th February1John KerrDurno Johnston9,970,0008
427283Friday 26th February2Mark BurtDurno Johnston8,980,0009
437284Monday 1st March1Julie JonesIan Bevitt11,100,0001
447285Monday 1st March2Jan McVerryIan Bevitt11,070,0002
457286Thursday 4th March Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt9,800,0006
467287Friday 5th March1David LaneIan Bevitt9,730,0007
477288Friday 5th March2Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt9,210,0009
487289Monday 8th March1David LaneDavid Kester10,810,0001
497290Monday 8th March2John KerrDavid Kester10,620,0002
507291Thursday 11th March Martin AllenDavid Kester9,340,0009
517292Friday 12th March1Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester9,620,0006
527293Friday 12th March2Joe TurnerDavid Kester9,860,0005
537294Monday 15th March1Jonathan HarveyStuart Davids10,860,0002
547295Monday 15th March2Mark WadlowStuart Davids11,030,0001
557296Thursday 18th March Damon RochefortStuart Davids8,990,0006
567297Friday 19th March1Mark BurtStuart Davids8,790,0007
577298Friday 19th March2Jan McVerryStuart Davids8,020,00011
587299Monday 22nd March1David LaneTessa Hoffe11,130,0001
597300Monday 22nd March2Peter WhalleyTessa Hoffe10,660,0002
607301Thursday 25th March Martin AllenTessa Hoffe9,380,0008
617302Friday 26th March1Mark BurtTessa Hoffe9,380,0009
627303Friday 26th March2Chris FewtrellTessa Hoffe9,430,0006
637304Monday 29th March1Joe TurnerJohn Anderson10,340,0002
647305Monday 29th March2Joe TurnerJohn Anderson10,390,0001
657306Thursday 1st April Julie JonesJohn Anderson8,690,00011
667307Friday 2nd April1Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson9,130,0006
677308Friday 2nd April2Mark WadlowJohn Anderson9,250,0005
687309Sunday 4th April Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson7,040,00017
697310Monday 5th April1Jan McVerryKay Patrick10,210,0002
707311Monday 5th April2Jan McVerryKay Patrick10,930,0001
717312Thursday 8th April Damon RochefortKay Patrick8,480,0008
727313Friday 9th April Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick8,780,0006
737314Sunday 11th April Debbie OatesKay Patrick7,520,00013
747315Monday 12th April1Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt9,540,0004
757316Monday 12th April2Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt9,620,0003
767317Thursday 15th April Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt8,700,0007
777318Friday 16th April1Mark BurtIan Bevitt8,580,0009
787319Friday 16th April2Martin AllenIan Bevitt8,560,00010
797320Monday 19th April1Damon RochefortDominic Leclerc9,760,0004
807321Monday 19th April2Jonathan HarveyDominic Leclerc10,420,0002
817322Thursday 22nd April Joe TurnerDominic Leclerc8,240,00010
827323Friday 23rd April1Julie JonesDominic Leclerc8,560,0008
837324Friday 23rd April2Stephen RussellDominic Leclerc8,860,0007
847325Monday 26th April1Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston9,600,0004
857326Monday 26th April2Simon CrowtherDurno Johnston9,890,0002
867327Thursday 29th April David LaneDurno Johnston7,810,00013
877328Friday 30th April1Jan McVerryDurno Johnston8,510,00010
887329Friday 30th April2Mark WadlowDurno Johnston8,600,0008
897330Sunday 2nd May Debbie OatesDurno Johnston8,000,00012
907331Monday 3rd May1Martin AllenStuart Davids10,160,0003
917332Monday 3rd May2Jonathan HarveyStuart Davids10,280,0002
927333Thursday 6th May Peter WhalleyStuart Davids8,840,0007
937334Friday 7th May1Mark WadlowStuart Davids8,760,0008
947335Friday 7th May2Jayne HollinsonStuart Davids8,550,00010
957336Monday 10th May1Damon RochefortDuncan Foster9,740,0003
967337Monday 10th May2Chris FewtrellDuncan Foster9,950,0002
977338Thursday 13th May Debbie OatesDuncan Foster8,600,0006
987339Friday 14th May1Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster8,390,00010
997340Friday 14th May2John KerrDuncan Foster8,440,0009
1007341Monday 17th May1Jayne HollinsonTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,080,0004
1017342Monday 17th May2Julie JonesTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,540,0002
1027343Thursday 20th May Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,100,0007
1037344Friday 21st May1Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,740,00010
1047345Friday 21st May2John KerrTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,900,0008
1057346Monday 24th May Mark BurtTessa Hoffe7,230,0008
1067347Wednesday 26th May David LaneTessa Hoffe8,750,0002
1077348Thursday 27th May Damon RochefortTessa Hoffe8,330,0005
1087349Friday 28th May1Simon CrowtherTessa Hoffe8,160,0006
1097350Friday 28th May2Simon CrowtherTessa Hoffe8,470,0004
1107351Monday 31st May1Martin AllenDavid Kester
Ian Bevitt
1117352Monday 31st May2Jan McVerryDavid Kester
Ian Bevitt
1127353Tuesday 1st June Mark WadlowDavid Kester
Ian Bevitt
1137354Monday 7th June1Stephen RussellDavid Kester
Ian Bevitt
1147355Monday 7th June2Chris FewtrellDavid Kester10,070,0002
1157356Wednesday 9th June1Joe TurnerDavid Kester8,520,0009
1167357Wednesday 9th June2Chris FewtrellTim Dowd
Ian Bevitt
1177358Thursday 10th June1Jan McVerryTim Dowd
Ian Bevitt
1187359Thursday 10th June2Jayne HollinsonTim Dowd9,490,0004
1197360Friday 11th June1John KerrTim Dowd7,690,00010
1207361Friday 11th June2Debbie OatesTim Dowd7,210,00012
1217362Monday 14th June1Damon RochefortDuncan Foster8,720,0002
1227363Monday 14th June2Julie JonesDuncan Foster7,940,0004
1237364Wednesday 16th June Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster7,540,0006
1247365Thursday 17th June Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster7,410,0007
1257366Sunday 20th June Joe TurnerDuncan Foster6,510,00013
1267367Thursday 24th June Mark WadlowDuncan Foster7,600,0007
1277368Wednesday 30th June Joe TurnerTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,780,0004
1287369Thursday 1st July Simon CrowtherTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,600,0006
1297370Sunday 4th July Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,720,0005
1307371Monday 5th July1Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,840,0006
1317372Monday 5th July2Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,150,0003
1327373Thursday 8th July John KerrTessa Hoffe8,160,0008
1337374Friday 9th July1Chris FewtrellTessa Hoffe7,480,00012
1347375Friday 9th July2Julie JonesTessa Hoffe7,510,00011
1357376Monday 12th July1Jan McVerryTessa Hoffe8,820,0003
1367377Monday 12th July2Jan McVerryTessa Hoffe9,200,0001
1377378Wednesday 14th July Damon RochefortPip Short8,680,0004
1387379Thursday 15th July Mark WadlowPip Short7,160,00010
1397380Friday 16th July1Mark BurtPip Short7,900,0007
1407381Friday 16th July2Peter WhalleyPip Short7,640,0008
1417382Sunday 18th July Peter WhalleyPip Short6,500,00014
1427383Monday 19th July1Martin AllenAlan Wareing9,060,0004
1437384Monday 19th July2Martin AllenAlan Wareing9,140,0003
1447385Thursday 22nd July David LaneAlan Wareing8,100,0007
1457386Friday 23rd July1Debbie OatesAlan Wareing7,560,0009
1467387Friday 23rd July2Jayne HollinsonAlan Wareing7,410,00010
1477388Monday 26th July1Damon RochefortTim Dowd9,000,0005
1487389Monday 26th July2Jonathan HarveyTim Dowd9,190,0003
1497390Thursday 29th July John KerrTim Dowd7,990,0008
1507391Friday 30th July1Debbie OatesTim Dowd8,320,0007
1517392Friday 30th July2Chris FewtrellTim Dowd7,930,0009
1527393Monday 2nd August1Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster8,960,0003
1537394Monday 2nd August2Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster9,040,0002
1547395Thursday 5th August Martin AllenDuncan Foster7,630,00010
1557396Friday 6th August1Julie JonesDuncan Foster7,920,0008
1567397Friday 6th August2Joe TurnerDuncan Foster7,630,0009
1577398Monday 9th August1David LaneTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,140,0002
1587399Monday 9th August2Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,160,0001
1597400Thursday 12th August Jan McVerryTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,090,0008
1607401Friday 13th August1Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,770,0005
1617402Friday 13th August2Simon CrowtherTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,870,0004
1627403Monday 16th August1John KerrDavid Kester8,830,0003
1637404Monday 16th August2Jan McVerryDavid Kester9,060,0002
1647405Wednesday 18th August Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester7,820,00010
1657406Friday 20th August1Simon CrowtherDavid Kester8,350,0009
1667407Friday 20th August2Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester8,410,0007
1677408Monday 23rd August1Mark WadlowPip Short9,470,0003
1687409Monday 23rd August2Joe TurnerPip Short9,510,0002
1697410Thursday 26th August Damon RochefortPip Short8,040,0009
1707411Friday 27th August1David LanePip Short8,130,0008
1717412Friday 27th August2Mark BurtMark Babych7,940,00010
1727413Sunday 29th August Peter WhalleyPip Short5,880,00018
1737414Monday 30th August1Julie JonesGraeme Harper9,120,0003
1747415Monday 30th August2Debbie OatesGraeme Harper10,200,0002
1757416Thursday 2nd September Carmel MorganGraeme Harper7,830,0007
1767417Sunday 5th September Martin Allen
Chris Fewtrell
Graeme Harper7,520,0008
1777418Monday 6th September1Jayne HollinsonTim Dowd9,880,0003
1787419Monday 6th September2Jayne HollinsonTim Dowd9,820,0004
1797420Thursday 9th September Peter WhalleyTim Dowd8,360,0008
1807421Friday 10th September1Joe TurnerTim Dowd8,040,0009
1817422Friday 10th September2Joe TurnerTim Dowd6,050,00019
1827423Monday 13th September1Jonathan HarveyTony Prescott9,560,0005
1837424Monday 13th September2Mark WadlowTony Prescott9,570,0004
1847425Thursday 16th September David LaneTony Prescott7,740,00011
1857426Friday 17th September1Damon RochefortTony Prescott8,260,0009
1867427Friday 17th September2John KerrTony Prescott7,890,00010
1877428Monday 20th September1Julie JonesIan Bevitt9,270,0006
1887429Monday 20th September2Jan McVerryIan Bevitt9,680,0004
1897430Thursday 23rd September Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt8,540,00012
1907431Friday 24th September1Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt8,770,00011
1917432Friday 24th September2Carmel MorganIan Bevitt8,910,0009
1927433Monday 27th September1Jonathan HarveyGriff Rowland9,470,0007
1937434Monday 27th September2Jonathan HarveyGriff Rowland10,080,0004
1947435Thursday 30th September Julie JonesGriff Rowland7,880,00015
1957436Friday 1st October1John KerrGriff Rowland8,950,00012
1967437Friday 1st October2John KerrGriff Rowland8,470,00013
1977438Monday 4th October1Chris FewtrellKay Patrick9,580,0006
1987439Monday 4th October2Chris FewtrellKay Patrick9,820,0003
1997440Thursday 7th October Debbie OatesKay Patrick8,440,00013
2007441Friday 8th October1Peter WhalleyKay Patrick8,570,00011
2017442Friday 8th October2Martin AllenKay Patrick8,190,00014
2027443Monday 11th October1Joe TurnerNoreen Kershaw9,350,0009
2037444Monday 11th October2Mark WadlowNoreen Kershaw9,410,0007
2047445Thursday 14th October Carmel MorganNoreen Kershaw8,620,00014
2057446Friday 15th October1Jan McVerryNoreen Kershaw9,370,0008
2067447Friday 15th October2Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw9,480,0006
2077448Monday 18th October1Mark BurtPip Short9,850,0006
2087449Monday 18th October2Mark BurtPip Short9,610,0007
2097450Thursday 21st October Damon RochefortPip Short8,630,00014
2107451Friday 22nd October1David LanePip Short9,470,0009
2117452Friday 22nd October2Simon CrowtherPip Short8,750,00013
2127453Monday 25th October1Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston9,960,0005
2137454Monday 25th October2Damon RochefortDurno Johnston9,580,0007
2147455Thursday 28th October John KerrDurno Johnston8,570,00014
2157456Friday 29th October1David LaneDurno Johnston9,030,00012
2167457Friday 29th October2Debbie OatesDurno Johnston8,790,00013
2177458Monday 1st November1Peter WhalleyDominic Leclerc10,470,0005
2187459Monday 1st November2Peter WhalleyDominic Leclerc9,870,0009
2197460Thursday 4th November Mark BurtDominic Leclerc8,940,00014
2207461Friday 5th November1Jayne HollinsonDominic Leclerc9,240,00012
2217462Friday 5th November2Jonathan HarveyDominic Leclerc9,420,00011
2227463Monday 8th November1Martin AllenTony Prescott11,450,0005
2237464Monday 8th November2Simon CrowtherTony Prescott12,090,0003
2247465Thursday 11th November Julie JonesTony Prescott9,140,00013
2257466Friday 12th November1Jan McVerryTony Prescott9,590,00012
2267467Friday 12th November2Carmel MorganTony Prescott8,900,00014
2277468Monday 15th November1Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson10,590,0006
2287469Monday 15th November2Mark BurtJohn Anderson10,560,0007
2297470Thursday 18th November Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson9,690,0009
2307471Friday 19th November1Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson7,940,00017
2317472Friday 19th November2Martin AllenJohn Anderson6,710,00026
2327473Monday 22nd November1Jan McVerryKay Patrick10,140,0007
2337474Monday 22nd November2Julie JonesKay Patrick10,040,0008
2347475Thursday 25th November David LaneKay Patrick9,350,00014
2357476Friday 26th November1Peter WhalleyKay Patrick9,390,00013
2367477Friday 26th November2Peter WhalleyKay Patrick9,050,00017
2377478Monday 29th November Damon RochefortIan Bevitt10,800,0006
2387479Wednesday 1st December1Mark WadlowIan Bevitt10,100,00011
2397480Wednesday 1st December2Joe TurnerIan Bevitt10,210,0009
2407481Thursday 2nd December John KerrIan Bevitt10,470,0007
2417482Friday 3rd December Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt9,780,00016
2427483Monday 6th December1Peter WhalleyGraeme Harper12,470,0007
2437484Monday 6th December2Joe TurnerGraeme Harper14,100,0002
2447485Tuesday 7th December Chris FewtrellGraeme Harper12,440,0008
2457486Wednesday 8th December Martin AllenTony Prescott12,030,00010
2467487Thursday 9th December Jan McVerryTony Prescott14,000,0003
2477488Friday 10th December1Carmel MorganTony Prescott12,530,0006
2487489Friday 10th December2Simon CrowtherTony Prescott12,830,0005
2497490Monday 13th December1Damon RochefortDavid Kester12,390,0003
2507491Monday 13th December2Damon RochefortDavid Kester12,350,0004
2517492Thursday 16th December John KerrDavid Kester10,030,00010
2527493Friday 17th December1Julie JonesDavid Kester11,030,0006
2537494Friday 17th December2Debbie OatesDavid Kester11,480,0005
2547495Monday 20th December Ellen TaylorDuncan Foster11,980,0004
2557496Thursday 23rd December David LaneDuncan Foster10,400,00010
2567497Friday 24th December1Mark WadlowDuncan Foster10,420,0009
2577498Friday 24th December2Mark WadlowDuncan Foster10,000,00013
2587499Saturday 25th December Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster9,770,00014
2597500Monday 27th December1Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt10,400,0005
2607501Monday 27th December2Julie JonesIan Bevitt10,710,0003
2617502Thursday 30th December Mark WadlowIan Bevitt9,700,0007
2627503Friday 31st December1Damon RochefortIan Bevitt9,030,00010
2637504Friday 31st December2Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt8,110,00016


To be added.

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Court

  • 9 Victoria Court - Dev Alahan (until June). Sunita Alahan. Aadi Alahan. Asha Alahan (all from March to June). Nick Tilsley (August to September). Natasha Blakeman (August to September).


Unknown residence - Kelly Crabtree, Pam Hobsworth, Bill Webster, Julie Carp, Ciaran McCarthy.

Awards and nominations

National Television Awards

Royal Television Society

TV Times Awards

  • Top newcomer: Craig Gazey (Nominee)
  • Favourite Soap Star: Katherine Kelly (Nominee)
  • Editor's Programme of the Year: Coronation Street
Coronation Street in the 2010s