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2011 was Coronation Street's fifty-second year.

Main charactersEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Becky McDonaldKatherine KellyFull year1516918
1Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year15123373
3Sean TullyAntony CottonFull year14295817
4Carla ConnorAlison KingFull year13659015
5Tina McIntyreMichelle KeeganFull year13347413
6Sally WebsterSally DynevorFull year131244122
7Lloyd MullaneyCraig CharlesUntil December12861940
8Peter BarlowChris GascoyneFull year except for May1208019
8Tracy BarlowKate FordFull year except for August120132768
10Fiz StapeJennie McAlpineFull year11813752
11Julie CarpKaty CavanaghFull year11635237
12Leanne BarlowJane DansonFull year except for May11511926
13Anna WindassDebbie RushFull year11128430
14Izzy ArmstrongCherylee HoustonFull year10917545
14Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year109120136
16Chesney BrownSam AstonFull year10859141
16Maria ConnorSamia GhadieFull year108107354
18Sophie WebsterBrooke VincentFull year10693511
19Owen ArmstrongIan Puleston-DaviesFull year10216047
20Frank FosterAndrew LancelFull year101101 -
21David PlattJack P. ShepherdFull year except for October10015284
22Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year95123811
23Gail McIntyreHelen WorthFull year9434645
24Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideFull year92313520
25Hayley CropperJulie HesmondhalghFull year91123222
26Cheryl GrayHolly Quin-AnkrahUntil November9014750
26Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year except for August90249613
28Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year except for August and November89398516
28Kylie Turner/PlattPaula LaneFrom March8912058
28Nick TilsleyBen PriceFull year8911011
31Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year88115730
31Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year except for October8825307
33Gary WindassMikey NorthFull year except for October8721853
34Chris GrayWill ThorpJanuary to June and August to November8210865
35Stella PriceMichelle CollinsFrom June8181 -
36Katy ArmstrongGeorgia May FooteFull year except for February8010959
36Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year80138428
36Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year80320637
39Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasFull year78107422
40Tommy DuckworthChris FountainFrom March77218 -
41Sian PowersSacha ParkinsonFull year except for April and September7420427
42Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFull year7278846
43Rosie WebsterHelen FlanaganUntil May and from September72123627
44Karl MunroJohn MichieFrom June6464 -
44Sunita AlahanShobna GulatiFull year except for April6460837
46Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFebruary to March and from May63106733
47Graeme ProctorCraig GazeyUntil June 5926018
47Faye Butler/WindassEllie LeachFrom January5959 -
49John StapeGraeme HawleyJanuary, March to June and October573409
50Amy BarlowElle MulvaneyFull year except for August and November5634957
51Marcus DentCharlie CondouApril to October and December54128 -
51Sylvia GoodwinStephanie ColeApril to October and December5454 -
53Eva PriceCatherine TyldesleyFrom June5252 -
54Simon BarlowAlex BainFull year except for May and October5020547
55Mary TaylorPatti ClareFull year except for February4514243
56Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year except for January42312851
57Amber KaliraiNikki PatelFrom July41243 -
57Max TurnerHarry McDermottUntil June, September and from November417059
59Eddie WindassSteve HuisonUntil April4018743
60Dennis TannerPhilip LowrieFrom May38500 -
61Matt CarterOliver MellorJanuary, April and from June354773
62Janice BattersbyVicky EntwistleUntil March32155330
63Russ GrayFinton FlynnJanuary, April and August to November305170
64Michelle ConnorKym MarshJanuary and from November2859822
65Brian PackhamPeter GunnFrom June273675
66Kirsty SoamesNatalie GumedeFrom September2323 -
67Ciaran McCarthyKeith DuffyJanuary and November2240826
68Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardMarch to April20170320
69Paul KershawTony HirstFrom October182180
70Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonMarch to April15112177
71Betty WilliamsBetty DriverFebruary to May13273165
72Aadi AlahanZennon DitchettFebruary, June to July, September and November to December124559
73Asha AlahanTanisha GoreyFebruary, June to July, September and December94259
73Claire PeacockJulia HaworthJanuary only966934
75Bill WebsterPeter ArmitageApril, September to October and December855755
76Pam HobsworthKate AnthonySeptember to October and December612570
77Trevor DeanSteve JacksonMarch only56347
78Joshua PeacockBenjamin BeresfordJanuary only322963
78Beth TinkerLisa GeorgeAugust and December33 -
80Craig TinkerColson SmithAugust only22 -
81Jamie BaldwinRupert HillApril only1415 -
81Todd GrimshawBruno LangleyApril only1381 -
81Violet WilsonJenny PlattApril only1480 -


Production was overseen by executive producer Kieran Roberts and producer Phil Collinson.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
17505Monday 3rd January1Ellen TaylorGriff Rowland11,570,0002
27506Monday 3rd January2Martin AllenGriff Rowland11,600,0001
37507Thursday 6th January David LaneGriff Rowland10,300,0009
47508Friday 7th January1Joe TurnerGriff Rowland10,900,0006
57509Friday 7th January2Joe TurnerGriff Rowland10,940,0005
67510Monday 10th January1Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson11,360,0001
77511Monday 10th January2Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson11,180,0002
87512Thursday 13th January Jim CartwrightJohn Anderson10,090,0009
97513Friday 14th Janaury1Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson10,300,0006
107514Friday 14th January2Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson10,120,0008
117515Monday 17th January1Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,000,0001
127516Monday 17th January2John KerrTerry Dyddgen-Jones10,250,0004
137517Thursday 20th January Chris FewtrellTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,550,0008
147518Friday 21st January1Jim CartwrightTerry Dyddgen-Jones10,000,0006
157519Friday 21st January2Simon CrowtherTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,180,0009
167520Monday 24th January1Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester10,360,0002
177521Monday 24th January2Julie JonesDavid Kester10,280,0003
187522Thursday 27th January Damon RochefortDavid Kester9,280,0009
197523Friday 28th January1Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester9,680,0006
207524Friday 28th January2Carmel MorganDavid Kester9,310,0008
217525Monday 31st January1Martin AllenDuncan Foster10,320,0003
227526Monday 31st January2Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster10,430,0002
237527Thursday 3rd February David LaneDuncan Foster8,920,0007
247528Friday 4th February1Jan McVerryDuncan Foster9,110,0006
257529Friday 4th February2Joe TurnerDuncan Foster7,850,00015
267530Monday 7th February1Jonathan HarveyGriff Rowland10,220,0002
277531Monday 7th February2Simon CrowtherGriff Rowland10,330,0001
287532Thursday 10th February Mark BurtGriff Rowland9,150,0007
297533Friday 11th February1Martin AllenGriff Rowland9,480,0004
307534Friday 11th February2Ellen TaylorGriff Rowland9,440,0005
317535Monday 14th February1Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt11,180,0002
327536Monday 14th February2Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt11,780,0001
337537Thursday 17th February Joe TurnerIan Bevitt9,820,0006
347538Friday 18th February1Jan McVerryIan Bevitt10,310,0003
357539Friday 18th February2Debbie OatesIan Bevitt9,700,0008
367540Monday 21st February1Julie JonesLaurence Moody10,550,0002
377541Monday 21st February2David LaneLaurence Moody10,600,0001
387542Thursday 24th February Damon RochefortLaurence Moody9,290,0005
397543Friday 25th February1Mark WadlowLaurence Moody9,260,0006
407544Friday 25th February2Mark WadlowLaurence Moody8,890,0007
417545Monday 28th February1Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson10,090,0002
427546Monday 28th February2Jim CartwrightJohn Anderson10,060,0003
437547Thursday 3rd March Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson8,940,0008
447548Friday 4th March1Carmel MorganJohn Anderson9,030,0007
457549Friday 4th March2John KerrJohn Anderson9,070,0006
467550Monday 7th March1Chris FewtrellTony Prescott10,010,0003
477551Monday 7th March2Julie JonesTony Prescott10,130,0001
487552Thursday 10th March Jan McVerryTony Prescott9,020,0008
497553Friday 11th March1Ellen TaylorTony Prescott9,070,0007
507554Friday 11th March2Debbie OatesTony Prescott7,750,00012
517555Monday 14th March1Simon CrowtherGraeme Harper9,840,0004
527556Monday 14th March2Jim CartwrightGraeme Harper10,180,0002
537557Thursday 17th March Jonathan HarveyGraeme Harper8,170,0008
547558Friday 18th March Jayne Hollinson
Mark Burt
Graeme Harper7,650,00011
557560Monday 21st March1Martin AllenDuncan Foster10,160,0003
567561Monday 21st March2Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster10,190,0002
577562Thursday 24th March John KerrDuncan Foster8,490,00010
587563Friday 25th March1Mark WadlowDuncan Foster9,160,0005
597564Friday 25th March2Joe TurnerDuncan Foster9,000,0007
607565Monday 28th March1David LaneDominic Leclerc9,320,0004
617566Monday 28th March2Chris FewtrellDominic Leclerc9,810,0001
627567Thursday 31st March Ellen TaylorDominic Leclerc8,510,0007
637568Friday 1st April1Jim CartwrightDominic Leclerc8,510,0007
647569Friday 1st April2Jonathan HarveyDominic Leclerc8,460,0009
657570Monday 4th April1Simon CrowtherNoreen Kershaw9,560,0002
667571Monday 4th April2Debbie OatesNoreen Kershaw9,410,0003
677572Thursday 7th April Damon RochefortNoreen Kershaw8,130,0008
687573Friday 8th April1Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw7,890,0009
697574Friday 8th April2Julie JonesNoreen Kershaw8,420,0007
707575Monday 11th April1Mark WadlowLaurence Moody9,750,0004
717576Monday 11th April2Joe TurnerLaurence Moody9,950,0002
727577Thursday 14th April Carmel MorganLaurence Moody8,360,00010
737578Friday 15th April1Mark BurtLaurence Moody8,830,0008
747579Friday 15th April2John KerrLaurence Moody8,560,0009
757580Monday 18th April1Damon RochefortJohn Anderson9,240,0004
767581Monday 18th April2Debbie OatesJohn Anderson9,790,0002
777582Thursday 21st April Mark BurtJohn Anderson7,580,00011
787583Friday 22nd April1Julie JonesJohn Anderson7,670,0009
797584Friday 22nd April2Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson7,600,00010
807585Sunday 24th April Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson6,110,00017
817586Monday 25th April1Peter WhalleyGriff Rowland8,710,0008
827587Monday 25th April2Ellen TaylorGriff Rowland8,940,0006
837588Thursday 28th April Simon CrowtherGriff Rowland7,890,00011
847589Friday 29th April1Chris FewtrellGriff Rowland7,900,00010
857590Friday 29th April2Simon CrowtherGriff Rowland7,330,00012
867591Sunday 1st May Mark WadlowGriff Rowland6,470,00022
877592Monday 2nd May1Martin AllenDurno Johnston8,630,0006
887593Monday 2nd May2Joe TurnerDurno Johnston8,660,0005
897594Thursday 5th May Jan McVerryDurno Johnston7,960,0008
907595Friday 6th May1David LaneDurno Johnston7,750,00010
917596Friday 6th May2Carmel MorganDurno Johnston7,630,00011
927597Monday 9th May1Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster9,120,0003
937598Monday 9th May2Chris FewtrellDuncan Foster8,840,0005
947599Thursday 12th May Jayne HollinsonDuncan Foster7,730,00013
957600Friday 13th May1Damon RochefortDuncan Foster8,180,00011
967601Friday 13th May2Julie JonesDuncan Foster7,710,00014
977602Monday 16th May1Ellen TaylorDavid Kester9,030,0005
987603Monday 16th May2John KerrDavid Kester9,170,0004
997604Thursday 19th May Mark BurtDavid Kester8,040,00011
1007605Friday 20th May1Mark WadlowDavid Kester8,280,0009
1017606Friday 20th May2Jan McVerryDavid Kester8,320,0008
1027607Monday 23rd May1Jonathan HarveyPeter Rose9,310,0004
1037608Monday 23rd May2Debbie OatesPeter Rose9,380,0003
1047609Thursday 26th May David LanePeter Rose8,380,0009
1057610Friday 27th May1Martin AllenPeter Rose8,300,00011
1067611Friday 27th May2Peter WhalleyPeter Rose8,490,0008
1077612Sunday 29th May Jan McVerryKay Patrick7,590,00013
1087613Monday 30th May Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick10,630,0003
1097614Tuesday 31st May Peter WhalleyKay Patrick10,110,0005
1107615Wednesday 1st June Mark WadlowIan Bevitt9,120,00013
1117616Thursday 2nd June Joe TurnerIan Bevitt9,900,0007
1127617Friday 3rd June Carmel MorganIan Bevitt9,460,0008
1137618Monday 6th June1Ellen TaylorLaurence Moody9,060,0003
1147619Monday 6th June2Debbie OatesLaurence Moody9,600,0001
1157620Thursday 9th June Martin AllenLaurence Moody8,870,0005
1167621Friday 10th June1Simon CrowtherLaurence Moody8,650,0006
1177622Friday 10th June2Julie JonesLaurence Moody8,640,0007
1187623Monday 13th June1John KerrGraeme Harper9,120,0003
1197624Monday 13th June2Jim CartwrightGraeme Harper9,230,0002
1207625Thursday 16th June Damon RochefortGraeme Harper8,750,0004
1217626Friday 17th June1David LaneGraeme Harper8,250,0009
1227627Friday 17th June2Mark BurtGraeme Harper8,060,00010
1237628Monday 20th June1Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,550,0005
1247629Monday 20th June2Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson8,720,0003
1257630Thursday 23rd June Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson8,150,0007
1267631Friday 24th June1David LaneJohn Anderson7,520,0008
1277632Friday 24th June2Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson7,180,0009
1287633Monday 27th June1Joe TurnerNoreen Kershaw8,750,0003
1297634Monday 27th June2Mark WadlowNoreen Kershaw8,860,0002
1307635Thursday 30th June Julie JonesNoreen Kershaw8,280,0007
1317636Friday 1st July1Ellen TaylorNoreen Kershaw6,760,00012
1327637Friday 1st July2Jan McVerryNoreen Kershaw7,590,0009
1337638Monday 4th July1Jayne HollinsonDuncan Foster8,150,0008
1347639Monday 4th July2Mark BurtDuncan Foster8,410,0006
1357640Thursday 7th July John KerrDuncan Foster7,770,00011
1367641Friday 8th July1Martin AllenDuncan Foster7,830,00010
1377642Friday 8th July2Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster7,980,0009
1387643Monday 11th July1Ellen TaylorDavid Kester8,520,0007
1397644Monday 11th July2Mark BurtDavid Kester8,800,0004
1407645Thursday 14th July David LaneDavid Kester7,120,00012
1417646Friday 15th July1Debbie OatesDavid Kester7,600,00011
1427647Friday 15th July2Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester7,790,00010
1437648Monday 18th July1Joe TurnerGriff Rowland8,960,0003
1447649Monday 18th July2John KerrGriff Rowland8,850,0004
1457650Thursday 21st July Martin AllenGriff Rowland7,770,0009
1467651Friday 22nd July1Peter WhalleyGriff Rowland7,730,00010
1477652Friday 22nd July2Damon RochefortGriff Rowland8,150,0007
1487653Monday 25th July1Simon CrowtherLaurence Moody8,380,0004
1497654Monday 25th July2Chris FewtrellLaurence Moody8,740,0002
1507655Thursday 28th July Mark WadlowLaurence Moody7,640,0009
1517656Friday 29th July1Carmel MorganLaurence Moody7,650,0008
1527657Friday 29th July2Jonathan HarveyLaurence Moody7,280,00010
1537658Monday 1st August1Damon RochefortGraeme Harper8,130,0004
1547659Monday 1st August2Ellen TaylorGraeme Harper8,250,0003
1557660Thursday 4th August John KerrGraeme Harper7,090,00010
1567661Friday 5th August1Joe TurnerGraeme Harper7,310,0009
1577662Friday 5th August2Joe TurnerGraeme Harper7,340,0008
1587663Monday 8th August1Jayne HollinsonKay Patrick8,600,0004
1597664Monday 8th August2Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick8,620,0003
1607665Thursday 11th August David LaneKay Patrick7,490,00010
1617666Friday 12th August1Mark BurtKay Patrick7,820,0008
1627667Friday 12th August2Martin AllenKay Patrick7,490,00010
1637668Monday 15th August1Jan McVerryIan Bevitt8,360,0004
1647669Monday 15th August2Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt8,200,0006
1657670Thursday 18th August Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt7,620,0009
1667671Friday 19th August1Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt7,610,00010
1677672Friday 19th August2Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt7,450,00011
1687673Monday 22nd August1Carmel MorganJohn Anderson8,160,0004
1697674Monday 22nd August2Carmel MorganJohn Anderson8,110,0008
1707675Thursday 25th August Mark WadlowJohn Anderson7,430,00012
1717676Friday 26th August1Julie JonesJohn Anderson7,680,00011
1727677Friday 26th August2Julie JonesJohn Anderson7,870,00010
1737678Monday 29th August1Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster8,680,0006
1747679Monday 29th August2John KerrDuncan Foster8,730,0005
1757680Thursday 1st September Mark BurtDuncan Foster7,560,00010
1767681Friday 2nd September1Martin AllenDuncan Foster7,410,00011
1777682Friday 2nd September2Damon RochefortDuncan Foster6,950,00016
1787683Sunday 4th September Jan McVerryTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,320,0007
1797684Monday 5th September Joe TurnerTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,930,0008
1807685Wednesday 7th September Chris FewtrellTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,550,00012
1817686Thursday 8th September Julie JonesTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,980,00017
1827687Friday 9th September1Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,000,0007
1837688Friday 9th September2Ellen TaylorTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,120,00015
1847689Monday 12th September1Peter WhalleyGriff Rowland8,530,00010
1857690Monday 12th September2David LaneGriff Rowland8,730,0008
1867691Thursday 15th September Carmel MorganGriff Rowland7,470,00013
1877692Friday 16th September1Mark WadlowGriff Rowland7,750,00012
1887693Friday 16th September2Mark WadlowGriff Rowland7,860,00011
1897694Monday 19th September1Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw9,140,0008
1907695Monday 19th September2Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw9,420,0006
1917696Wednesday 21st September Jan McVerryNoreen Kershaw8,040,00011
1927697Thursday 22nd September Martin AllenNoreen Kershaw7,960,00012
1937698Friday 23rd September1Simon CrowtherNoreen Kershaw7,660,00014
1947699Friday 23th September2Simon CrowtherNoreen Kershaw7,720,00013
1957700Monday 26th September1Carmel MorganLaurence Moody8,900,0008
1967701Monday 26th September2Mark BurtLaurence Moody9,000,0007
1977702Thursday 29th September Julie JonesLaurence Moody7,370,00016
1987703Friday 30th September1Joe TurnerLaurence Moody7,800,00013
1997704Friday 30th September2Joe TurnerLaurence Moody7,520,00015
2007705Monday 3rd October1Damon RochefortJohn Anderson8,700,00010
2017706Monday 3rd October2David LaneJohn Anderson8,600,00011
2027707Thursday 6th October Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson7,500,00015
2037708Friday 7th October1Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson7,960,00016
2047709Friday 7th October2Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson7,540,00014
2057710Monday 10th October1Jonathan HarveyAlan Grint8,490,00010
2067711Monday 10th October2Ellen TaylorAlan Grint8,690,0009
2077712Thursday 13th October Debbie OatesAlan Grint7,310,00015
2087713Friday 14th October1Julie JonesAlan Grint7,760,00013
2097714Friday 14th October2Jayne HollinsonAlan Grint7,550,00014
2107715Monday 17th October1Damon RochefortDuncan Foster9,160,0007
2117716Monday 17th October2Martin AllenDuncan Foster9,080,0008
2127717Thursday 20th October David LaneDuncan Foster7,600,00015
2137718Friday 21st October1Mark WadlowDuncan Foster8,350,00013
2147719Friday 21st October2Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster8,220,00014
2157720Monday 24th October1Peter WhalleyKay Patrick9,260,0009
2167721Monday 24th October2Chris FewtrellKay Patrick9,200,00010
2177722Wednesday 26th October Joe TurnerKay Patrick8,000,00018
2187723Thursday 27th October John KerrKay Patrick8,310,00016
2197724Friday 28th October1Jan McVerryKay Patrick8,770,00014
2207725Friday 28th October2Carmel MorganKay Patrick8,780,00013
2217726Monday 31st October1David LaneTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,930,00011
2227727Monday 31st October2Ellen TaylorTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,240,0008
2237728Thursday 3rd November Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,580,00017
2247729Friday 4th November1Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,790,00014
2257730Friday 4th November2Damon RochefortTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,750,00015
2267731Monday 7th November1Peter WhalleyGriff Rowland9,030,00010
2277732Monday 7th November2Julie JonesGriff Rowland9,910,00011
2287733Thursday 10th November Martin AllenGriff Rowland8,360,00016
2297734Friday 11th November1Mark WadlowGriff Rowland8,560,00014
2307735Friday 11th November2Joe TurnerGriff Rowland8,370,00015
2317736Monday 14th November1Carmel MorganIan Bevitt9,100,00010
2327737Monday 14th November2Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt9,850,0006
2337738Thursday 17th November Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt8,140,00015
2347739Friday 18th November1Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt8,060,00016
2357740Friday 18th November2John KerrIan Bevitt7,330,00022
2367741Monday 21st November1Damon RochefortGraeme Harper9,240,0009
2377742Monday 21st November2Mark BurtGraeme Harper9,640,0006
2387743Thursday 24th November Martin AllenGraeme Harper8,400,00017
2397744Friday 25th November1Simon CrowtherGraeme Harper8,550,00014
2407745Friday 25th November2Simon CrowtherGraeme Harper8,650,00012
2417746Monday 28th November David LaneTony Prescott9,450,0006
2427747Tuesday 29th November Peter WhalleyTony Prescott7,220,00024
2437748Thursday 1st December Debbie OatesTony Prescott8,220,00016
2447749Friday 2nd December1Jonathan HarveyTony Prescott8,480,00013
2457750Friday 2nd December2Ellen TaylorTony Prescott8,470,00014
2467751Monday 5th December1John KerrDavid Kester9,240,0006
2477752Monday 5th December2John KerrDavid Kester8,480,00011
2487753Thursday 8th December Joe TurnerDavid Kester8,300,00013
2497754Friday 9th December1Mark WadlowDavid Kester8,510,00010
2507755Friday 9th December2Mark WadlowDavid Kester8,060,00016
2517756Monday 12th December1David LaneNoreen Kershaw9,520,0005
2527757Monday 12th December2Simon CrowtherNoreen Kershaw9,020,0006
2537758Thursday 15th December Mark WadlowNoreen Kershaw8,070,00013
2547759Friday 16th December1Joe TurnerNoreen Kershaw8,620,0008
2557760Friday 16th December2Joe TurnerNoreen Kershaw8,260,00011
2567761Monday 19th December Ellen TaylorJohn Anderson9,020,00011
2577762Thursday 22nd December Martin AllenJohn Anderson8,220,00014
2587763Friday 23rd December1Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,130,00017
2597764Friday 23rd December2Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,220,00014
2607765Sunday 25th December Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson9,920,0004
2617766Monday 26th December Damon Rochefort
John Kerr
Terry Dyddgen-Jones8,470,00010
2627768Thursday 29th December Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,950,0009
2637769Friday 30th December Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,230,0008


Who lives whereEdit

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Court


Unknown or undisclosed residence - Pam Hobsworth, Bill Webster, Julie Carp, Ciaran McCarthy, Kevin Webster, Jack Dobbs, Xin Chiang (until February), Chris Gray

Awards and NominationsEdit

National Television Awards

Royal Television Society

  • Soap and Continuing Drama Coronation Street (Nominee)

British Soap Awards

Coronation Street in the 2010s

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