Council Worker 8819
Council Worker
First appearance 18th January 2016
Last appearance 18th January 2016
Number of appearances 2
Played by Peter Slater

The Council Worker and his colleague were tasked with removing a mural to the deceased Maddie Heath that Craig Tinker and Caitlin Ryan had painted in the ginnel between Coronation Street and Mawdsley Street. Their first attempt had been successfully removed in early January when Kevin Webster made a complaint about the general graffiti in the area and the two youngsters were asked to provide a replacement. It was while Sally Metcalfe and Sophie Webster were admiring the finished handiwork with Craig that the workmen turned up again.

The piece of street art was declared by them to be an eyesore which, if it was a memorial, ought to be in a cemetery. The three neighbours stood in the way of the workmen, despite the threat to powerwash them too. Sally summoned reinforcements in the form of Kevin, Anna Windass and Tim Metcalfe but the officious official said that they always got their job done. When the protesters refused to move away, the workman reluctantly revealed that there was an appeals procedure which naturally depended on the correct forms being filled in. Pointing out that no appeal had been won all the time that he had been doing the job, the two men backed down and left.

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