Councillor Farnsworth
Occupation Weatherfield Council Member
First appearance 16th July 1969
Last appearance 21st July 1969
Number of appearances 2
Played by Alan Cullen

Len Fairclough went off the rails in the summer of 1969 when his plans to settle down and remarry came to nothing following his rejection by Janet Reid. He also fell out with best friend Elsie Tanner who had lent him £300 and who he hit when he thought that she was jealous of him and Janet and had put the spoke in his relationship. Len lost interest in his job as well as his council duties and Elsie was visited at work by Len’s colleague Councillor Farnsworth who was worried when Len had told him he wanted to resign. Recognising his skills as a councillor, Farnsworth asked a reluctant Elsie to intercede. She was initially reluctant and Farnworth again tried the task himself but failed. When Elsie saw how low Len was, she did talk to him and the friendship between the two started to become established again. Len retained his council position.

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