Councillor wilson
Councillor Wilson
Occupation Councillor
First appearance 5th July 1967
Number of appearances 1
Played by George Stanford

Councillor Wilson was one of the judges of the "Best Kept Street" competition held in Weatherfield in July 1967. Along with Mr Foley, editor of the Weatherfield Gazette, and senior judge Mrs Delamere, Wilson had the task of touring the local streets and meeting the residents.

Eager to get their hands on the £100 prize money, the inhabitants of Coronation Street had gone to a genuine effort to make their homes presentable, putting out window boxes, hanging baskets, union flags, and above the Rovers Return, a striped canopy. Their best laid plans went awry when, moments before the judges arrival, the welfare arrived in the Street to remove the squatting Lawson family from No.3. Fortunately, the judges arrived just as the car pulled away but Hilda Ogden instantly threw away their stroke of luck when, thinking that the regal Mrs Delamere was just a friend of Annie Walker's, she told the woman everything.

During the inspection, the bespectacled Councillor Wilson was concerned mainly with taking notes of their findings. At one point, Irma Barlow asked him how he'd rated the Corner Shop but she was swiftly moved on by an embarrassed Annie. When Minnie Caldwell was introduced to him, Minnie asked if he was related to Prime Minister Harold Wilson, to which he replied in the negative.

The eventual winner of the competition was Inkerman Street.

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